Tuesday, March 04, 2014

More Papertrey Ink (PTI) Dies!

From left to right :Papertrey Ink Boutique Borders: Love Die
Papertrey Ink Lunchbox Note Die
Papertrey Ink Wine Bottle Tag Die
I have a not-so-long wishlist of Papertrey Ink (PTI) dies and a few sets of stamp. But as PTI only sell exclusively on their own website and almost no sale period, it is rather difficult for me to collect my wishlist. Somehow, in mid February 2014, I received PTI newsletter that they will have a special 7th Anniversary Discount whereby all orders placed between 15 February 2014 through 16 February 2014 will automatically receive 7% off the entire order! I am so happy and luckily I subscribed to their newsletter

Some of you might wonder why I am so happy over the 7% discount as it is not so much difference. For others, it might not be a big difference but for me it is as first, due to exchange rate - any saving means the hole in my pocket is smaller. Second, by that little saving, I could maybe squeeze in another small die or stamp set which in return, my wishlist can be fulfill faster! However, since my budget really limited, I only can squeeze in three (3) die that I think I would use most. I have selected Boutique Borders: Love Die, Lunchbox Note Die and Wine Bottle Tag Die.

Papertrey Ink Boutique Borders: Love Die
I decided to take the Boutique Borders: Love Die over other die because it is a great shape for spooling ribbons, twines and strings! It is a matching die to a stamp set but since my budget is limited, I just take the die alone. Previously I purchased another almost the same die for spooling but that die need some manual trimming which take a bit of effort and time. Luckily I have both that die and matching stamp set. Thus, it is not wasted after all.

Papertrey Ink Lunchbox Note Die
I choose Lunchbox Note Die over Strip Stitch Die because I am into mini cards recently and this Lunchbox Note Die size is perfect for many mini projects! I love that semi-half circle tuck-in as it is not easy to done it manually.

Papertrey Ink Wine Bottle Tag Die
That Wine Bottle Tag Die is my first selection when I know PTI promotion. Apart from using the die as it is (wine bottle tag), it is also can be make into door hanger! When I got the die, it got me puzzled a little as the hole is not big as I expected. Thus, I quickly take it to measure my door knob and bam! The hole is not same as the door knob.....*sigh*.....But then, I got an idea how to modify it to fit the door knob! I just have to trim away the left or right of the hanging hole to make it like a hanger! With that, I am sure the door hanger can be hanged to the door knob! Well, it is just theory and hope that I can materialize the theory in shortest time possible!

I placed my order on 16 February 2014 and made my payment on the same day. It saved me USD$1.82 equal to more a less RM6 excluding shipping charges. Since I have some points that I collected on my previous order, I have exchanged it which saved me another one dollar. That is another RM3.30 saving! I would consider this time order a good bargain!

One thing not so good about PTI shipping process is that the system did not notify you once the parcel has been shipped! After about three (3) days, I have to login to PTI to check on my order status. It has changed to "Completed" means it has been shipping and the tracking number can be found inside the order details.

After about two (2) weeks plus, my parcel arrived. I was lucky as I am at home and I did not expect the postman to come up my unit to deliver it as I expect it in my mailbox due to the items flatness. Turn out, I was wrong and PTI deliver me a parcel box instead which cannot be fitted into mailbox! I am curious why PTI done so as my items are all flat - just dies with zip lock packaging. Well, I check back my invoice and indeed, the shipping charges are meant for package and insured! That explains a lot!

Hopefully, I can make use of these dies soon especially making a door hanger for my kids!

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