Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Baby Boy Announcement

Baby Boy Announcement
Left : Front
Right : Back
Today is my baby boy, Jaxzel Kew full moon (Chinese tradition of one month old baby celebration and announcement). Thus, I made some baby announcement cards to be included in the red eggs distribution.

Close-up : Front
The whole card is on blue hues and shades as it is a baby boy! First, I stamped the wrapped baby onto a white cardstock follow by the sentiment "Baby Boy" below it. I paper piece the cloth that wrap the baby and colored the baby face with Copic marker. Then, I distress the white card with Broken China and it is my first time trying distress technique! The finished product is then attached onto a light blue rectangular card.
Close-up : Wrapped baby with paper piecing and brad

Close-up : Back
The announcement details frame is stamped on a white cardstock and distress the white card with Broken China as well. The finished product is then attached onto another light blue rectangular card. Some blue circle gems are attached to the four (4) corner of the announcement details frame.
Close-up : Announcement details frame and gems

I use a brad to hold the blue ribbon which coordinate with the cloth bow that wrap the baby. Then both the front of the card (wrapped baby) and back of the card (announcement details frame) are attached to each other to hide the brad finishing.

Bags of red eggs with announcement cards
Here are the baby announcement cards which has been inserted into a red organza bag which contains two (2) red eggs (the eggs are hidden behind the card). I purposely made the baby announcement card to fit the organza bag.
Close-up : Baby announcement card inserted into reg organza bag with two (2) eggs

Dimension : 7.6cm x 8.9cm or 3" x 3.5"

If you would like to have a similar design of these items or individual item, please e-mail us at for order. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the item(s) (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and message (if any).

Stamps and tools used :

Friday, December 16, 2011

Savings on Hero Arts Stamps!

I browse through Stampin' Treasures store in early December 2011. It is been known for months that Stampin' Treasures is closing down their online business after 14 wonderful years in business. They slashed their prices a lot especially on Hero Arts which up to 75% off retail prices!

I actually eyed few items months earlier when I got to know Stampin' Treasures is closing down but due to the high shipping rates, I did not buy from Stampin' Treasures. Furthermore, during earlier, the items I eyed are not so much been discounted. However, when I browse through their store this time, there are a lot of Hero Arts stamps been offered at 75% discount. I could not resist and selected three (3) items that I want.

From left to right
CL412 Prince Charming
CG155 Hugs and Kisses Birds
CK153 Friends Card Kits
The total price for these three (3) stamps, as shown above cost is USD$10 only! The CL412 Prince Charming is selling at USD$15 but I get it for USD$3.75. Finally, I have a cloud image stamp! I been looking for cloud image stamp for a while.
CL412 Prince Charming

CK153 Friends Card Kits
The CK153 Friends Card Kits is the most valuable item of all as it is selling at USD$15 but I get it for USD$3.75 as well. The great thing is that this kit contains a CG106 Friend cling stamp, a small 'Thank You' Stamp It clear stamp, four (4) blank notecards and matching envelopes, pre-cut papers and embellishments.
Inside CK153 Friends Card Kits :
CG106 Friend and 'Thank You' Stamp It clear stamp

CG155 Hugs and Kisses Birds
The third stamp is CG155 Hugs and Kisses Birds which selling at USD$10 but I get it at USD$2.50! However, the shipping rates really killing my purse a hole as Stampin' Treasures is charging USD$15.99 flat for order below USD$60. After much calculating, the total is about USD$26 and after currency conversion, it is about RM84 which is very worth as I get three (3) stamps which normally will cost me total of USD$40.

I placed my order and made my payment on the same day but there is no update from Stampin' Treasures after good six (6) days that my items has been shipped. I been to worry if Stampin' Treasures really closed down their business and do not want to ship my order. I calm myself that it is December now and they might have many orders to process. Then, on the sixth day, I received an e-mail from Stampin' Treasures that my items has been shipped which gives me a relief.

After a week, my items has not been seen on my doorstep and I began to worry again. I check the tracking number provided and it is said that the parcel was on its way to Malaysia. I persuade myself to wait till next week as it is now December whereby a lot of shipment for Christmas. 

After two (2) days, the parcel reached to my hands. However, the parcel is not in its perfect condition as there is a sticker on one of the opening which says that the parcel was found opened or torn and it is officially secured using the sticker. I begin to worry if my items are all inside the parcel. When I open the parcel, I am glad that my three (3) items are all inside the parcel!

It is a huge saving for me this time! I only forked out USD$26 compare to normally USD$56 which equals to about RM174!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I am looking for small brads for my next project and again, eBay is my source. There are many sellers selling different kinds of brads, designs and sizes.

Finally, I managed to find one seller and store, sfcdirect that sell the size of the brad that I want. I am looking for 5mm in diameter brads which is perfect for my next project. Furthermore, this seller offers 200 pieces of mixed colors brads in a reasonable price, USD$3.99. The item is located in Hong Kong and when I check the shipping charges, Malaysia is not listed in the shipping and handling cost.

200 pieces of brads in various colors
As I need these brads badly, I decided to e-mail the seller to ask if he can ship to Malaysia by quoting me the shipping and handling cost to Malaysia. The seller replied on the same day that they are unable to comply to my request. It is a disappointing for me when I read the first line of the reply. But when I read on, I am happy as the seller have another store know as SuntekStore that sell the same thing. The best part is that it can be shipped to Malaysia with free of charge!

Close-up : Three (3) different colors of brads
When I click on the link the seller gave, it display the item I am looking for. Guess what! The price offered is at USD$2.59, USD$1.40 cheaper than the price the seller published in their eBay store. It is a saving for me as the price is lower and I no need to pay the shipping and handling cost!

I quickly placed the order straight away and made the payment for it. However, I did not get any update on the next Monday that they received my payment or shipped my item. Thus, I e-mailed the seller for status update. The seller replied the next day that my item was shipped on Monday itself.

About eight (8) days later, the item has arrived on my doorstep and I can begin my delayed project!
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