Saturday, February 25, 2012


I purchase some per yard ribbons from cxxbuy1 who has a store in by the name of CXXBUY-DIY during my purchase of baby embellishment.

I need some ribbons that coordinate with my next project (not baby stuffs) which is rainbow theme. I been searching for days on the best deals or bundle that the sellers offer. In the end, I purchase from CXXBUY-DIY as it is the best deal I can get. 

Four (4) sizes of yellow grosgrain ribbon
From top to bottom :
1.5" width
1" width
5/8" width
3/8" width
The bundle includes seven (7) yards of each of the seven (7) sizes of mixed grosgrain ribbons of yellow and stripes. I actually interested on the grosgrain stripes ribbons only. But since this is the best deal and value for money, I do not mind having mixed of plain yellow since I will be using them on other projects later.

However, the seller did not update on the shipping information after three (3) days I made my payment. Thus, I have to e-mail the seller to ask if she received my payment and shipped my items. I am a bit worry as the seller is from China which my husband informs that it is a bit risky purchasing from China due to their trustworthy. The seller replied me on the same day that my item has been shipped and given me a registered post tracking number.

Three (3) sizes of colorful stripes grosgrain ribbons
From top to bottom :
7/8" width
5/8" width
3/8" width
I tried to track the parcel but no tracking information found. Thus, I e-mail the seller again to check when she post the item. She replied that she sent on the next day I made my payment. I inform her that I could not track anything from the tracking number she gave and ask if I track at the correct link. I also asked her to update eBay on the shipping status so that there will be official record. The seller replied that it might be slow for the postal office to update the tracking information sometimes and asks me to wait patiently for my item. The seller only update eBay on 15 February 2012 that my item is shipped which I doubt she actually ship the items on this exact date instead as claimed earlier.

Nevertheless, finally today, after about 12 days, those ribbons arrived. Hope I can make my project soon using these ribbons which is bookmark.

I might consider buying from CXXBUY-DIY again as it has some attractive bundles.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Quicklet Eyetlets But Traditional Eyelets - Dissapointment

When I purchase the baby embellishment that day, I also purchase this so called quicklet eyelets as informed on the title of the item by the seller, dedibelza who owns LOVEIS store in

As I do not want to invest so much on seldom used craft tools, I opt for this quicklet eyelets which can be easily settle into the project using ball pen! Yes, no banging or hammering is required. Here is the video that show you how easy it is to set a quicklet eyelets.

Finishing washers and the so called 'quicklet eyelets' (traditional eyelets)
At first, I am not so confident on buying but after few rounds of consideration, I decided to give it a try. The seller is located in Bangkok, Thailand but when I receive the package, it is sent from Hong Kong. It is a bit weird but who care where the item from as long it arrive to my doorstep. To be truthful, I am a bit nervous when I am opening the package as I scare it is not what I want.

Close-up : Packet of finishing washers
Well, the plastic that holds the eyelets actually broken and some of the eyelets are falling into the envelope package. I quickly try the eyelet using a ball pen but it would not work as shown in the video! I did not believe and tried another eyelet just to make sure and the result is the same! I am really disappointing and it seem that my intuition before I start to purchase this eyelet from this seller is correct.

Close-up : Packet of mixed colors traditional eyetlets
I e-mail the seller immediately telling her what I have try and it is not working as what is described in the item title. I inquire if this is the traditional eyelet or quicklet. The seller replied me the next day and apologizing for the keyword confusion. She offers to refund me which I agreed to it as I explain to her that I do not have any eyelet setter or tool. I explains that I purposely buy this quicklet for conveniences. I also advise her to change her item title as soon as possible to avoid the same case happening.

The seller refund me after few hours but I am disappointing. What shall I do with this packet of traditional eyelets that contains approximately 250 pieces?

Later I found out that quicklet is actually invented by Eyelet Outlet and they are the only seller around. They might have some retailers but next time I want to purchase quicklet eyelets, I will definitely look at their store instead of other sellers.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Pair of Prince and Princess Stamps!

I stumbled upon Creative Play Stamp online store by accident on 20 January 2012 even its link has been in my bookmark for a while. I am looking for Hero Arts CL392 Magical Castle when I realized that I wondered off to Creative Play Stamp.

From left : Hero Arts CL392 Magical Castle
Darice Heart Background Embossing Folder
Perhaps it is their offering price that captured me. Their Hero Arts 4x6 clear stamps are selling about 10% off their published rate of USD$14.99. Well, if you know me, 10% off means a lot for me as after currency conversion, it saved me a bunch on my account. The great thing is that I got extra USD$5 off coupon of any order above USD$25 when I subscribed to their newsletter! That is another saving!

From left : Versamark watermark stamp pad
Tsukineko Embossing Powder - White
Since I need to spend at least USD$25 to entitle for the USD$5 discount, I been searching for the items I want. Finally, after made up my list, I proceed to check-out to make my payment. Then, I come across the mention of shipping method as "International Mail - Group 6". I e-mailed them to clarify if that is First-Class International Mail or Priority Mail International. They replied me on the same day that the shipping fees charged in my order are meant for First Class International Mail. The administrator explains that packages under 4 pounds will ship using First Class International Mail and packages over four (4) pounds will ship using Priority Mail International.

Close-up : Versamark watermark stamp pad
Well, I prefer to ship using Priority Mail International as it is my first time purchasing more than USD25 from oversea and also to ensure the safety of my parcel. He explains that charges for Priority Mail International would cost more and give me the details which really shocked me.I replied to him if he can consider using Priority Mail International Flat Rate such as the small box but he explains that the items I bought might not fit into the box. In the end, I have no choice but to follow their standard shipping method using First Class International Mail. I did not place and make payment after the e-mail exchange as it is close to the weekend and I do not wish my parcel to overnight in postal office which have a higher risks of losing it.

Tsukineko Embossing Powder - White
I only manage to place my orders and make the payment on 07 February 2012 as the previous week, I am busy with Chinese New Year celebration. It is luckily that I did not place my order earlier as I been bidding some item from Simon Says Stamp eBay store which I blog it at this post. Previously, I was thinking to buy from Simon Says Stamp store directly whereby they offer a flat rate shipping for orders below USD$60. I dumped a lot of items into the cart but then I realized that they are having some fabulous auction in their Simon Says Stamp eBay store. Thus, I cancelled my purchase at Simon Says Stamp and make by changes of order in Creative Play Stamp instead.

Darice Heart Background Embossing Folder
I did not receive any e-mail from Creative Play Stamp after the confirmation order e-mail as if my parcel has been shipped. Thus, after few days, I log in to my account at Creative Play Stamp to check if there is any update. Well, indeed there is update in my account at Creative Play Stamp. The status is shipped with tracking number on the next day which relief me.

However, after about a week plus after the shipment, my parcel from Creative Play Stamp is yet to arrive. It worry me more when my parcel from Simon Says Stamp eBay store arrived which I made payment on the same day and ship on the following day. My husband cools my panic down by saying that the location of the shop perhaps is near to suburb which delayed the parcel arrival. Well, I just take his word for it while checking on the parcel tracking number. But the tracking stopped when it leaves USA.

Parcel not envelope!
My worry finally gone when my husband called me today at noon to inform that my parcel has arrived. He says that it is a parcel not envelope whereby the postman have to carry it to my house to deliver it. Here is how the parcel looks like.

Hero Arts CL392 Magical Castle
Another of my wishlist fulfilled as I have a pair of prince and princess stamps. The prince stamps I refer to is the Hero Arts CL412 Prince Charming which I bought it last December 2011. Now, I have both the prince and princess and they are perfect to make some baby announcement cards, baby congratulation cards as well as wedding wishes cards! Other than that, finally I can have a 'grand opening' for my embossing heat tool that I bought in early January 2012 as I have my Versamark watermark stamp pad as well as embossing powder. Not to mention that finally I have another embossing folder design to play with! I cannot wait to use my 'newbies'!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Baby Embellishments!

As mention in my last post, I would like to make some baby announcement cards as well as some baby congratulating cards. I also would like to replenish some of my embellishments that are going to finish soon.

Top : 50 pieces of fabric baby embellishments
Bottom : 200 pieces of solid pearl hearts  
Thus, I been searching on eBay for these embellishments. Since I been searching and bookmarking some of the sellers before, it is easier this time that I know where to look. I end up buying at, a sister company to Please Come In at eBay. As offer free shipping, I e-mailed them to ask if Malaysia is included as well and confirm on the shipping method before placing the order to see if the price is worth that as well as the safety of delivering the item. It was predicted that they will use registered post which is true when they replied on the next day.

Close-up : Five (5) different designs of fabric baby embellishment
I realized that some of the items are not sold in both store. Thus, I reply if I can combine my item bought at Please Come In if I bought from They revert on the same day that they happy to do that by informing them after payment has been made.

Close-up : 12 different colors of solid pearl heart 
I browse through both and Please Come In stores. But in the end, I just made my purchases at as the baby embellishments sold in Please Come In are larger in quantities compare to Since I just need to make few samples, I decided to purchase small quantities. Furthermore, the first thing I want, the 5mm solid pearl hearts embellishment is only available at I placed my order and make my payment on 12 February 2012. On the next day, I received notification that my items has been shipped. The administrator of who answer my queries earlier is so good that he e-mailed me to ask if I bought anything from Please Come In. I replied that I did not find anything relevant in the moment at Please Come In and inform to ship the items as per scheduled.

Well, after three (3) days, my items finally arrived to my doorstep. I hope I can begin to make baby announcement cards as well as some baby congratulating cards soon using these embellishments!

First Hero Arts Background Cling Stamps!

It was my lucky day on 21 January 2012 as I accidentally visited Simon Says Stamp eBay store and discovered that they are having some auction! 

Stacked Tim Holtz Winter 2011 Season Distress Ink
They are having auction for Tim Holtz Winter 2011 Season Distress Ink which comes in three (3) ink pads. The auction start at USD$8 which is very, very cheap for three (3) limited edition ink pads. Normal retail price is at USD$17.99 but they having sale in their store which offered at USD$9.49, a 47% discount! I been weighting whether to buy at Simon Says Stamp eBay store or their own store since I plan to buy other stuffs as well. In the end, I decided to shop at Simon Says Stamp eBay store as there are other auction items I want to bid as well. Furthermore, saving of USD$1.49 means a lot to me after currency conversion!

From left :Hero Arts CG139 Cling Dots
Hero Arts CG119 Flourish Background
Other than the Tim Holtz Winter 2011 Season Distress Ink that I have my eyes on, the auction also features some Hero Arts background cling stamps that starts at USD$5! How could I resist the offer which usually sell at USD$12? There are a number of designs offered which I want them all if can but my budget is limited. Thus, I carefully choose the designs I want which most of them have a bidder already. I tried to choose few other designs that do not have any bidder but after a careful consideration, I decided to compete with other bidders for Hero Arts CG119 Flourish Background and Hero Arts CG139 Cling Dots.

Hero Arts CG139 Cling Dots
I been monitoring these three (3) items for the past few days and on 23 January 2012, Simon Says Stamp eBay store put out some Hero Arts 4x6 clear stamps that start at USD$5! One of them is Hero Arts CL372 Oceans of Joy which has been on my wishlist for a while! After been monitoring for few days, there is no bidder to this stamp set yet. I did not place my bid for these four (4) items yet as their auction is going to end on 27 January 2012 and 30 January 2012 respectively. I like to bid at least few minutes before the auction end to ensure I win the item and watching the auction ending live. However, for Tim Holtz Winter 2011 Season Distress Ink, I place the bid earlier on 27 January 2012 just after 12AM as the auction end on in the morning at 7+AM. I am not worrying not winning this item as I notice Simon Says Stamp eBay store did put out at least three (3) sets per day for auction and most of them ending without bidder.

Close-up : Tim Holtz Winter 2011 Season Distress Ink
From left : Evergreen Bough, Festive Berries and Iced Spruce
When I woke up, I receive e-mail that inform me that I won Tim Holtz Winter 2011 Season Distress Ink at USD$8! What a huge saving for me! At night, I bid for the Hero Arts cling stamps about four (4) minutes before its ends. I lost few bids on Hero Arts CG139 Cling Dots but in the end I placed my bid, USD$8.50 which ended me as the winner. The Hero Arts CG119 Flourish Background I won at USD$9. It is a huge saving for me as normally, I would need to pay USD$24 for two (2) cling stamps but now I got them for USD$17.50, a USD$6.50 saving!
Since these three (3) items ended first, I e-mailed Simon Says Stamp eBay store the next day to inform that I will wait for the Hero Arts CL372 Oceans of Joy to end on 30 January 2012 before making payment for the items I won. But there is no feedback from them as during that time, it is a period for Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Winter 2012 at Anaheim Convention Centre. I guess all the staffs has gone to CHA.

I bid Hero Arts CL372 Oceans of Joy on 30 January 2012 few hours before its end as I need to go out and do not know if I can make it back on time when it ends on 11PM. Although I installed eBay mobile on my smartphone, I still not confidence I would win this item which I really put a very high hope. At the time of the bidding, there is no other bidder yet. Well, it was disappointing as I lost the bid without monitoring it! I totally forget about! When I got to know, I am really upset and keeps scolding myself for forgetting as it was ended at USD$6.49!

Since I did not win Hero Arts CL372 Oceans of Joy, I requested Simon Says Stamp eBay store to send me an invoice for the combine shipping the next day. However, there is no reply from them as I believe they are still busy at CHA. Finally, on 04 February 2012, eBay sent me two (2) e-mails stating that they have opened a case for unpaid item for the cling stamps and requested me to pay for it by 08 February 2012. Immediately, I messaged Simon Says Stamp eBay store again informing the condition but no reply as it is weekend. On 07 February 2012, Simon Says Stamp eBay store finally e-mail me to inform that they sent me the invoice. I made the payment on the same day and revert to them. The next day, I was acknowledged that my items has been shipped.

This time shipment is fast as I received the parcel about seven (7) days! Now, I have some new stamps and inks to play with!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Spools of Gingham/Checked Ribbons

This year is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese lunar calendar. Thus, a lot of couples will try to give birth to a baby boy or girl as they believe babies born on the Year of the Dragon somehow is very 'powerful'.

Apart from the above, I also begin to like the idea of making baby announcement cards ever since I made my baby boy Jaxzel's announcement cards which gotten a lot of good feedback. I also plan to make some baby congratulating cards.

Thus, I been looking for some materials to make those cards especially ribbon. I really like the idea to have some ribbons in the card as it is card for baby. I can imagine that those cards look cuter with ribbon especially when it is a tag. 

Again, eBay is my source of search. There are a lot of ribbon sellers in eBay selling different kinds of ribbons, designs and patterns, lengths and sizes including few designs on baby related ribbons. At first, I am attracted by these baby related ribbons. Somehow, the price of the ribbon per length has turned me off as it is too expensive. I also concern on the stock availability as I plan to purchase in few yards first to make some samples. In case I need to make the baby announcement in bulk later, I afraid the stock might be out. Thus, I need to ensure that my baby related ribbon is available when I make some samples.

In the end, I choose to have ribbon that can be easily found such as gingham or checked ribbon. There are not a lot of sellers selling these kind of ribbon. However, I remembered I inquire before from a seller in Malaysia that sell this design. This seller is known as Ribbon Ideas where its office is located just few kilometers away from my house.

Two (2) spools of 36 yards each gingham ribbon in pink and blue
I called them few days earlier to check if they open on Saturday but unfortunately, they are close on weekend. Thus, my husband drives me to their office today to purchase these ribbons. Since I have the part number for the ribbons I want, it is a quick transaction. I have to bought a spool of 36 yards per design as it is their smallest spool. It costs me RM18 per spool but I think it is worth my money as some of the sellers in eBay are selling at least USD1+ per yard.

I hope I can start my baby announcement cards soon using these ribbons!
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