Thursday, February 12, 2015

New Hero Arts (Basic Grey) Clear Stamp

Hero Arts Basic Grey Konnichiwa Lantern clear stamp
Is been a while since my first ever purchase at Emma's Paperie. However, I never disconnected with Emma's Paperie as I have subscribed to Emma's Paperie newsletter. Now and then, I received Emma's Paperie newsletter but seldom purchase from Emma's Paperie due to the shipping charges is not immediately known. However, on 28 January 2015, there is a 'Winter Blues Sale' which offer 15% discount on all regular priced items. Thus, I went over to have a peek.

There is nothing much I could find on the regular priced items. So, I wander to the 'Clearance Sale' section and browse the items page-by-page for few days until I found Hero Arts Basic Grey Konnichiwa Lantern clear stamp. The price is only at USD$7.50 which is already the half price of its regular price of USD$15! I quickly add this item to the cart as I been searching for images that are suitable to be used for Lunar Chinese New Year.
Hero Arts Basic Grey Konnichiwa Lantern clear stamp - back of the packaging
When I checkout on 01 February 2015, there is a 15% discount code applied! Well, every bit of saving is great for me and I am overly excited and surprised on the additional discount. The next day, Emma's Paperie reverted with the shipping options and after confirmation of my shipping method, I paid for it. Few hours later, I received the shipping notification.

The item is nicely wrapped with pink crepe paper and free gift 
After good ten (10) days travelling, the item finally arrived today! I really like how Emma's Paperie package the item to make it more personal which I believe is their marketing strategy. My item, the stamp set is nicely wrapped with a pink crepe paper complete with ribbon tied! It looks like a present and it feel so personal. On the package ribbon, there is a small resealed plastic tied to it which contains two (2) set of ribbons in it. I suppose this is the little free gift Emma's Paperie included for their customers. On my invoice, there is handwriting of 'Thank You!' in pink ink. There is an extra hard cardboard inserted into the envelope which I suppose to protect the stamp set. On the Customs Declaration form, there are both 'Fragile' and 'Do Not Bend' stamping in red ink which really make me feel that Emma's Paperie really take care of their customers.

Close-up: The free ribbons
Although the stamp set is meant for Japanese culture (Konnichiwa is Japanese language means 'Good day'), the Chinese culture is almost the same as Japanese. Thus, this stamp set is really good for Lunar Chinese New Year especially those lanterns. Hopefully, I am able to make use of this stamp set soon especially for some Lunar Chinese New Year cards!
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