About Us

At Message Keeper, we believe that a message is well remembered if it is delivered in a special way and style. Thus, we hand-made our products to give the receiver(s) a personal touch.

We also believe that receiver(s) would like to receive something they like such as theme or colors. Thus, we accept personalize or custom order as we believe personalized products are more sincere and meaningful in delivering the sender(s) message. Please fill up the order form here.

Please be ensure that our products are purely hand-made and they are create with a careful consideration and sincerity by the designers. In another word, we consider ourselves as the sender(s) when making the card. We try to imagine what the receiver(s) likes by taking some hints from the colors and theme provided by the sender(s).

Please send us e-mail at msgkeeper@gmail.com or fill up the order form here if you would like to have a customized hand-made cards or items. We will try our best to cater.
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