Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Sweet Stamp Shop Stamp Set

I realized that I always late for the season or festivities cards. Thus, my aim for this year is to start early as early as possible. Crossing my fingers that I can achieve my aim. Well, Teacher Day is in May but I really wanted to start early and my motivation for Teacher Day cards is high this year. I think this is particularly when my daughter has started primary school. 

Thus, I been looking for some teacher related stamps for a while now. I must says that there are not many. :( I hope the stamp companies out there should consider having one or two teacher related stamp sets in their production as teachers are very important in our lives. I really adore the role that teachers play in our lives; their patience, loving, caring and motivation.

Sweet Stamp Shop School's Out
Well, I found some but the one I really taken on is Sweet Stamp Shop School's Out. This stamp set is really great for almost everyone you can find in a school and its surrounding. The great part is that there are also some not school related sentiments in the set which is perfect for other occasions.

I placed my order on 19 February 2013 and found that the shipping cost are way too high, USD$9.15 using First Class Mail International Parcels. It is not really cost effective since I only interested in one particular set. Since I really need this set badly, I decided to e-mail to Sweet Stamp Shop to ask if they can lower the shipping cost. Nicole Rixon, owner of Sweet Stamp Shop replied on the same day explaining that the USPS just revised the rate which heavily effected the international postage rates. She also explains that her shop is directly link to USPS for International shipping quote. Thus, the rate is fixed and it costs almost the amount quoted for her to ship out.

Nicole is very kind as she offers me a discount on the stamp instead to cover up on the shipping charges. The set costs me USD$10 which is a great saving for me! I really happy about it. I did not acts on it immediately as my day job has taken a toll on me. After about a week later, I finally manage to close the order but encountered some issue. I e-mailed Nicole immediately to ask if there is expiry on the offer and begged her to extend the offer validity. Nicole reverts on the same day and it was due to her new website issue and the offer is still valid. Phew~

The stamp set is finally here today and I hope that I can really start early for Teacher Day cards so that my daughter can appreciate her teachers.
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