Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Lawn Fawn Goodies Bag and Stitched Labels Lawn Cuts from Local Seller

Top: Goodies Bag Lawn Cuts
Bottom: Stitched Labels Lawn Cuts
I stopped buying my craft supplies after the last incident of import GST. The impact from the last incident of import GST really hits me greatly and put me out of the mood to get my craft supplies online. Furthermore, my day work has taken a toll on my time and leave me no time for my hobby playing. *sigh*

However, I did look around other alternatives to get my craft supplies. I come across Ever-Angel.com when I want to buy some Lawn Fawn dies as I gotten my 13th month bonus. Ever-Angel.com operates locally online on pre-order mode and is listed officially in Lawn Fawn website as one of the store that carries Lawn Fawn products in Malaysia. From their website, Ever-Angel.com also have some ready stock but mostly smaller stamp sets of 2x3 inches. Since I cannot bear to encounter another incident of import GST, I decided to buy/pre-order from Ever-Angel.com. Although it took a while for the items to arrive, I can avoid the import GST or let Ever-Angel.com to risk for it. Furthermore, after comparing the prices of Ever-Angel.com with some of the online stores I frequent buy from, Ever-Angel.com price is slightly cheaper. Thus, why not try to buy/pre-order from Ever-Angel.com? :)

Goodies Bag Lawn Cuts
The Lawn Fawn dies or Lawn Cuts I am looking for, Goodies Bag Lawn Cuts is not listed in their website. Thus, I leave message on their Facebook page to ask if they able to check the price for me. In less than an hour, they replied my Facebook message to let me know the price and inform that they will be adding this item into their website.

Stitched Labels Lawn Cuts
However, I did not place my pre-order the next day as the closing date for pre-order every month is on 15th. Finally, on 14 January 2016, I placed my pre-order for Goodies Bag Lawn Cuts and Stitched Labels Lawn Cuts after weighting it against Stitched Circle Tags Lawn Cuts. I will definitely get Stitched Circle Tags Lawn Cuts next time I pre-order as I am sucker for tags! I made my payment on the same day and leave a message asking Ever-Angel.com to e-mail me before shipping out the pre-order items as I might want to purchase those ready stock items.

The next day, owner of Ever-Angel.com, Elin confirmed my payment and informs that my order actually qualified for free shipping (order RM200 above is qualify for free shipping and mine is RM205) in which I have paid the shipping fees of RM8. As I included a message to her earlier, Elin informs that she will credit the RM8 against the additional order and if there is no order been made, she will refund it to me.

On 31 January 2016, Elin e-mailed me that my items has arrived and ready to ship out to me and also reminded me on my RM8 credit. I replied to her on the same day asking her to go ahead to ship my order and keep the RM8 credit temporary at her end in view that I might have another pre-order soon after Chinese New Year.

Ever-Angel.com magnet
The following day, Elin updated me on my package tracking number and the package arrived in good condition the day after following day. I e-mail Elin to inform her and also posted a message on their Facebook page. She also included a small magnet of her online store, Ever-Angel.com.

I hope I able to make some goodies bags conjunction to the coming Teacher's Day. The Stitched Labels Lawn Cuts are just nice for the name writing for the goodies bags or good for the fancy envelopes that I bought in my local stores. I will share the projects when I make them!
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