Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My First Papertrey Ink (PTI) Stamps and Dies!!!

From left to right in clockwise
PTI Movers & Shakers Sentiments Stamp Set
PTI Boutique Borders: Thanks
PTI Boutique Borders: Thanks Die
PTI Zipper Border Die
My first Papertrey Ink (PTI) stamps and dies has finally arrived today!!!

I been admiring PTI dies for a while. There is a time whereby I am so desperate that I asked for a shipping buddy to buy PTI Onesie dies and ship to me. Somehow, it was lost in transition. :( I asked for a shipping buddy because that time PTI only offer to ship via USPS Priority Mail International which cost at USD$32.54 for a dies that cost USD$13!

However, when I return to PTI website months later, they offered to ship via USPS First Class International but with insurance. Well, that really put a big smile on my face after I done the shipping cost estimation in their shopping cart! From there onward, I start to look through PTI stamps and dies collection and make my wishlist.

Finally, a small portion of my wishlist could only be materialized on 27 August 2013 due to budget issue as well as fasting month and public holidays (my previous PTI dies was lost in transition during fasting month and long public holidays). However, in my this purchase, I did not include my earliest desperation of PTI Onesie dies as that project is past due. I will consider buying that dies when my budget permit again. :P

Printed thank you message card 
PTI send me a shipping notification on 29 August 2013 that my parcel has been posted. After about 11 days, the postman delivery my parcel but no one was home and he left me a notification stating that it is box. Thus, he unable to fit into my mailbox. When my husband told me that I have a box parcel, I was surprised and been wondering why there is a box parcel as my recent purchases are flat items.

My kind heart husband collected the box parcel for me this afternoon. Guess what and I know why PTI send a box parcel instead of padded envelope. It is because one of their stamp packaging is not flat but plastic boxed! I guess that is the reason why the stamp cost a bit expensive than the other brands as well.

PTI Movers & Shakers Sentiments Stamp Set - Front
PTI stamp packaging needs a bit of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) whereby the clear and black printed sticker or label is provided as in SRM sticker style and you need to paste it onto the acetate by yourself. The acetate is not double sided either. The acetate is sticking to the stamp front while the stamp back (the face that you ink up and stamp onto paper) is covered with a thin plastic. The 4x6 stamp sheet are divided into two (2) portions means I get two (2) 4x3 stamp sheets. The arrangement of the stamps inside the stamp sheets are different from the one showing in their website as well but all the stamps are included. The card inside the packaging consists of instructions and some explanation or suggestions how to use those coordinating stamps. The upper part of the back of the card packaging, it promote the rest of the coordinating products. The bottom part is printed with the stamps that contain in this stamp sheet as one showing in their website. As mentioned earlier, the outer packaging is a plastic box. On the upper portion of the plastic box, it has a border sticker that contains information - front is on the collection and the back is on company address and the box contents on the left and item number, made, designer name and price on the right.
PTI Movers & Shakers Sentiments Stamp Set - Back

PTI Boutique Borders: Thanks - Front
The mini stamp set packaging is a bit different and much simpler. It's outer packaging is using glue seal plastic like other brands I used to buy; just without the hanging hole. The storing of the stamps on acetate is the same as described above. The card packaging is in one sheet with a header flipped from the same sheet. The header contains the stamp collection and designer name. At the back of the card packaging, on the left upper part, it contains item number, made, designer name and price. The center part is the printed images of the stamps at 50% actual size. The bottom part is stated with PTI office and website address and packaging contents.
PTI Boutique Borders: Thanks - Back

Envelope that contains the dies - front
The dies are sealed into an envelope where it stated in the front, "Just What You've Been Dying For. Your New Papertrey Ink Dies Are Enclosed. Enjoy".
Envelope that contains the dies - back - with a sticker seal

PTI Boutique Borders: Thanks Die
The dies packaging is very straight forward - it is sealed in zipper lock plastic without anything included inside (please refer photos). I guess the dies packaging is designed as such because most users will put them together with the coordinating stamp.
PTI Zipper Border Die

I think I need to get a glue seal plastic to store the 4x6 stamp set as the box plastic packaging do not work with my current storing system. Not to mention that it takes up lots of space while hard to look for it. 

Anyhow, the PTI stamp and dies are here now and my next project can start soon! As well as arranging my loose ribbons nicely using that dies.

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