Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cuttlebug Acquired!

My Cuttlebug!
Finally the machine I been dreaming about is acquired by me today! I am extremely happy.

My Cuttlebug - platform opened
I been surveying on Cuttlebug and Big Shot way before I purchase Cuttlebug. Some says Cuttlebug is better and some says Big Shot is better. However, I make up my mind to purchase Cuttlebug itself due to its space saving, design and its dies and template pricing.

I went to Scrapbook Memories in Tropicana City Mall to purchase my Cuttlebug. At first, I went into the shop and look around for the machine but cannot find it. Thus, I turned to the cashier counter and inform the owner of the shop, Mr Choo that I would like to purchase the machine. It was a shame of me that I forgot the name of the machine and I can only describe what I want and Mr Choo keeps guessing by providing me name. Finally, I laid my eyes on the machine and I pointed out that I want the Cuttlebug

Mr Choo happily smile at me and helped me remove the Cuttlebug from the stack of other machines. He asks if I used before. I say no and he informs that he will do a demonstration for me. In the meantime he unpack the machine from the box, he praises for my wise choice of Cuttlebug compare to Big Shot. I informs him that I do not like Big Shot due to its size. He adds that Big Shot is not recommended to be used in Malaysia due to Malaysia weather whereby is humid and dry which spoil the gear. On the other hand, Cuttlebug is more suitable and of many Cuttlebug he sells, no one been complaining. It looks like I really make a wise choice!

From Left : pre-included embossing folder, two plate B and plate A
He does a simple demonstration on how to use the pre-included embossing folder follows by how to cut from the dies. However, the dies cutting is not nice and he ended up asking one of his staff to show me. The girl shows me how to cut from a dies and do embossing using the same dies which requires additional embossing mat that is not included as it is using different brand dies.

Spellbinders Nestabilities S4-116 Standard Circle Small
Back : the actual dies
I inquire about Spellbinders circle dies. She informs that I need to purchase an extra plate C in order to use Spellbinders dies. Unfortunately currently the Cuttlebug dies are out of stock. Well, since I need to use the circle dies, I have no choice but to purchase the extra plate C which sooner or later, I need to purchase as well.

Left : Plate C
Right : Spellbinders Nestabilities S4-116 Standard Circle Small
I ended up almost spending of RM690 after 10% discount for the Cuttlebug, an extra plate C and Spellbinders Nestabilities S4-116 Standard Circle Small. I would like to purchase some Hero Arts clear stamps as well since they are having clearance sale of 2010 Hero Arts at 40% discount but my budget is limited.

Anyhow, I happily bring home my Cuttlebug and I cannot wait to use it for my upcoming project.
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