Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Snake Year!

Happy Snake Year
Finally made my first Chinese New Year card for 2013! I know it is quite late to start but my available time is limited due to my day job.

Sunday Stamps Challenge SSC32
The simple sketch from Sunday Stamps Challenge SSC32 as shown above is adopted for this card. This card also influenced by CAS-ual Fridays CFC86 - Long and Short challenge whereby it requires us to create a CAS card that has one long side and one short side.

Close-up : The gold snake
The snake is stamped on a long white card stock and colored using Copic markers. It is layered onto a long gold card stock.

Close-up : The sentiment
The sentiment is stamped at the bottom of the long white card stock, below the snake which is just perfect! The long white card stock is then adhered onto a red card base.

Close-up : Fishtail banners/flags
Some fishtail banners/flags are trimmed from left over card stocks and pattern papers. Those left over card stocks and pattern papers really great used for creating small fishtail banners/flags. They are attached onto the top of the card base as shown in sketch.

Happy Snake Year - Inside
On the inside of the card, as the red is too dark for writing, a golden yellow inlay is used. Then, funny sentiment is stamped in the middle of the inlay.
Close-up : Sentiment inside the card

Dimension : 10.16cm x 20.32cm or 4" x 8"
Type : Horizontal fold
Inlay : Yes with stamped sentiment

If you would like to have a similar design of these items or individual item, please fill up the custom order form here. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the item(s) (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and message (if any).

This card is entering the challenge(s) organized by :
1) Sunday Stamps Challenge SSC32 - Sketch (ending 25 January 2013)
2) CAS-ual Fridays CFC86 - Long and Short (ending 24 January 2013)
4) Addicted to Stamps and More! - CAS #5 (ending 29 January 2013)

Stamps and tools used :

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Christmas Owl Is Finally Arrived!

I had Lawn Fawn Winter Owl ordered from Custom Crops sometimes in November 2012 together with these stuffs. However, since the Lawn Fawn Winter Owl is out of stock, I had placed a separate order for it so that it would not affect the other things I been ordering.

Lawn Fawn Winter Owl
Lawn Fawn Winter Owl really a hit and hot item. It been out of stock almost for a month plus. Perhaps it is also due to holiday where Custom Crops closed for a week for Christmas. I only get the shipping notification in early January 2013 that my order has finally shipped.

After eleven (11) days, the parcel arrived and it surprised me. It surprised me because I received a big padded envelope instead of a small one. I expecting a small padded envelope because Lawn Fawn Winter Owl is a 3x4 set. Later, I remembered that Custom Crops used to have a quarter of 12x12 pattern paper as sample and that is why they used a big padded envelope.

Cosmo Cricket - Delovely: Delirious - Front
Custom Crops granted my previous wish! They sent me quarter part sample paper of Cosmo Cricket - Delovely: Delirious which is fabulous! Hopefully I get to use both of the stamp and the sample pattern paper soon!
Cosmo Cricket - Delovely: Delirious - Back

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage!
Made this card for my colleague who is going to 'transfer' back to her hometown in Sabah next week.

Tuesday Morning Sketches #180

I adopt the sketch from Tuesday Morning Sketches #180 sketch/challenge as shown above for this card. I decided to use solely Lawn Fawn Bon Voyage for this card and hopefully all the images which I never did if I remember correctly. Well, setting new challenge for myself and hope it turn out beautifully!

Close-up : Airplane and clouds
The airplane and clouds are stamped on a white circle and colored using Copic markers.

Close-up : Pink pearl heart ribbon slider 
Two (2) different pattern strips are trimmed accordingly and attached onto a soft blue pattern card stock as in sketch. A yellow grosgrain ribbon is attached on the bottom of the pattern strip. At the right side of the ribbon, a pink pearl heart ribbon slider is used.

Close-up : Sentiment
The sentiment is stamped onto the soft blue pattern card stock at the bottom of the ribbon. The circle is attached on top of the pattern strips and ribbon as in sketch. Finally, the soft blue pattern background is attached onto a green card base. 

Dimension : 10.16cm x 15.24cm or 4" x 6"
Type : Horizontal fold
Inlay : None

If you would like to have a similar design of these items or individual item, please fill up the custom order form here. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the item(s) (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and message (if any).

This card is entering the challenge(s) organized by :
1) Tuesday Morning Sketches #180 (ending on 14 January 2013)
3) Inky Impressions Challenge 92 - Add a Sentiment (ending on 15 January 2013)
4) Delightful Challenges - ♥♥Add Hearts♥♥ (ending on 15 January 2013)

Stamps and tools used :

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Alley Way Stamp (TAWS) Is Here!

The postman is hardworking as he delivers second time today! But my husband thinks otherwise as he says that it is still season of greetings as Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Left : The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) Tropic Topic
Right : 
Action Wobble™ Springs
Talking about Chinese New Year, this is the parcel I been expecting the most as it contains the stamp I wanted to make my Chinese New Year cards! It is the The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) Tropic Topic as mentioned in my previous post!

 The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) Tropic Topic
OhScrap! posts it on 27 December 2012 and it reached my doorstep about two (2) weeks. It costs about USD$3.23 to post The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) and six (6) packs of Action Wobble™ Springs. OhScrap! charged me for USD$4 which I found reasonable.

Action Wobble™ Springs
My husband has reminded me that Chinese New Year is just around the corner for few times now. Guess I really need to get started on my Chinese New Year cards before it is too late! *sigh* Furthermore, with the stamp set on hand now, I do not think I have the excuses anymore. The Action Wobble™ Springs just have to wait for a while before I have any good ideas how to use or incorporate it in my projects. 

Another Parcel.....My Paper Smooches Stamps!

Left : Paper Smooches Chubby Chum Pals
Right : 
Paper Smooches Get Outta Town
Another parcel arrived today and it is from Loves Rubberstamps which means my two (2) lovely Paper Smooches stamps are here! It was posted on 29 December 2012 and it took almost two (2) weeks to reach my home.

Paper Smooches Chubby Chum Pals
As mentioned in my previous post, I got a free shipping coupon that I won earlier that allows me to ship any order size. But due to my budget limit, I only opt for two (2) Paper Smooches stamps. The postage costs about USD$5.22 which I am not charged for any. Glad that it saved me about RM16.70!

Paper Smooches Get Outta Town
Hopefully I can make use of these new stamps soon!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Finally.....My First Fresh Squeezed Stamps

As mentioned on my previous post, I made a number of purchases for stamps. Today, I finally received the first parcel and it is from Fresh Squeezed Stamps! The shipping notification was received on 27 December 2012 and about one and a half week later, it has arrived to my doorstep!

When I received the parcel, I am a bit surprised and confused as the deliver from name is 'Shannon Fralish', 'Paper Made Bakery'. As far as I know, I did not place any order from Paper Made Bakery. After a while, I start to suspect that both Fresh Squeezed Stamps and Paper Made Bakery may related since few of the past and current Paper Made Bakery kit features Fresh Squeezed Stamps.

Fresh Squeezed Stamps Christmas Treats
Without further suspicious, I open the parcel and my suspect is true as it is my Fresh Squeezed Stamps Christmas Treats. Both of them are related! But how do they related? Thus, I hop over to Paper Made Bakery and I found Fresh Squeezed Stamps badge on the right sidebar and Shannon Fralish is one of the Design Team. When I click on Shannon Fralish profile, it is written that she is the owner of Paper Made Bakery! The truth is reveal but I bet this is not a hot news as my antenna is always slow in receiving signal and news!

Anyhow, I am so happy that my first Fresh Squeezed Stamps is here! Once I see this Christmas Treats physically, I have more ideas on how to use those images other than the one I had earlier. Hopefully I able to materialize those ideas soon! Perhaps I will get hooked with Fresh Squeezed Stamps and wanting to buy more! Well, actually I do have few sets in wish lists since Fresh Squeezed Stamps just had some new release! :P

Betting my luck that the rest of the parcels will arrive safely within this week!
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