Saturday, February 25, 2012


I purchase some per yard ribbons from cxxbuy1 who has a store in by the name of CXXBUY-DIY during my purchase of baby embellishment.

I need some ribbons that coordinate with my next project (not baby stuffs) which is rainbow theme. I been searching for days on the best deals or bundle that the sellers offer. In the end, I purchase from CXXBUY-DIY as it is the best deal I can get. 

Four (4) sizes of yellow grosgrain ribbon
From top to bottom :
1.5" width
1" width
5/8" width
3/8" width
The bundle includes seven (7) yards of each of the seven (7) sizes of mixed grosgrain ribbons of yellow and stripes. I actually interested on the grosgrain stripes ribbons only. But since this is the best deal and value for money, I do not mind having mixed of plain yellow since I will be using them on other projects later.

However, the seller did not update on the shipping information after three (3) days I made my payment. Thus, I have to e-mail the seller to ask if she received my payment and shipped my items. I am a bit worry as the seller is from China which my husband informs that it is a bit risky purchasing from China due to their trustworthy. The seller replied me on the same day that my item has been shipped and given me a registered post tracking number.

Three (3) sizes of colorful stripes grosgrain ribbons
From top to bottom :
7/8" width
5/8" width
3/8" width
I tried to track the parcel but no tracking information found. Thus, I e-mail the seller again to check when she post the item. She replied that she sent on the next day I made my payment. I inform her that I could not track anything from the tracking number she gave and ask if I track at the correct link. I also asked her to update eBay on the shipping status so that there will be official record. The seller replied that it might be slow for the postal office to update the tracking information sometimes and asks me to wait patiently for my item. The seller only update eBay on 15 February 2012 that my item is shipped which I doubt she actually ship the items on this exact date instead as claimed earlier.

Nevertheless, finally today, after about 12 days, those ribbons arrived. Hope I can make my project soon using these ribbons which is bookmark.

I might consider buying from CXXBUY-DIY again as it has some attractive bundles.

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