Friday, February 03, 2012

Spools of Gingham/Checked Ribbons

This year is the Year of the Dragon in Chinese lunar calendar. Thus, a lot of couples will try to give birth to a baby boy or girl as they believe babies born on the Year of the Dragon somehow is very 'powerful'.

Apart from the above, I also begin to like the idea of making baby announcement cards ever since I made my baby boy Jaxzel's announcement cards which gotten a lot of good feedback. I also plan to make some baby congratulating cards.

Thus, I been looking for some materials to make those cards especially ribbon. I really like the idea to have some ribbons in the card as it is card for baby. I can imagine that those cards look cuter with ribbon especially when it is a tag. 

Again, eBay is my source of search. There are a lot of ribbon sellers in eBay selling different kinds of ribbons, designs and patterns, lengths and sizes including few designs on baby related ribbons. At first, I am attracted by these baby related ribbons. Somehow, the price of the ribbon per length has turned me off as it is too expensive. I also concern on the stock availability as I plan to purchase in few yards first to make some samples. In case I need to make the baby announcement in bulk later, I afraid the stock might be out. Thus, I need to ensure that my baby related ribbon is available when I make some samples.

In the end, I choose to have ribbon that can be easily found such as gingham or checked ribbon. There are not a lot of sellers selling these kind of ribbon. However, I remembered I inquire before from a seller in Malaysia that sell this design. This seller is known as Ribbon Ideas where its office is located just few kilometers away from my house.

Two (2) spools of 36 yards each gingham ribbon in pink and blue
I called them few days earlier to check if they open on Saturday but unfortunately, they are close on weekend. Thus, my husband drives me to their office today to purchase these ribbons. Since I have the part number for the ribbons I want, it is a quick transaction. I have to bought a spool of 36 yards per design as it is their smallest spool. It costs me RM18 per spool but I think it is worth my money as some of the sellers in eBay are selling at least USD1+ per yard.

I hope I can start my baby announcement cards soon using these ribbons!

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