Sunday, March 04, 2012

More Copic Markers!

From top to bottom :
V04 Lilac
E08 Brown
E21 Baby Skin Pink
I add my Copic markers collection by purchasing another three (3) Copic Ciao markers namely E08 Brown, E21 Baby Skin Pink and V04 Lilac today.

I decided to purchase these additional Copic Ciao markers because I found out that there is this E21 Baby Skin Pink color when I purchase the Ciao 24 pieces set (IB24) for my newly known friend, Ishmah Aiman on Friday. Aiman wanted the Ciao 24 pieces set (IB24) for her manga drawing but the store do not have the set. Thus, I have to pick the individual markers instead to make up the set. 

It was after I purchase and got home that I get to know there is this E21 Baby Skin Pink color. Since I been collecting and purchasing for baby craft stuffs lately, how this E21 Baby Skin Pink color can be not in my list! Thus, I went back to the store on Sunday, not on that purpose actually. The main reason I have opportunity to visit the store is because my husband want to purchase Samsung Galaxy Notes which are having roadshow.

I decided to have other two (2) colors, E08 Brown and V04 Lilac because in my Copic collection, both the brown and the violet I have is too dark. Thus, I adding these two (2) colors to my Copic collection for ease of use.

Note :

Pre-order for Copic markers are now open. Please refer here on how to order! Thanks!

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