Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Quicklet Eyetlets But Traditional Eyelets - Dissapointment

When I purchase the baby embellishment that day, I also purchase this so called quicklet eyelets as informed on the title of the item by the seller, dedibelza who owns LOVEIS store in

As I do not want to invest so much on seldom used craft tools, I opt for this quicklet eyelets which can be easily settle into the project using ball pen! Yes, no banging or hammering is required. Here is the video that show you how easy it is to set a quicklet eyelets.

Finishing washers and the so called 'quicklet eyelets' (traditional eyelets)
At first, I am not so confident on buying but after few rounds of consideration, I decided to give it a try. The seller is located in Bangkok, Thailand but when I receive the package, it is sent from Hong Kong. It is a bit weird but who care where the item from as long it arrive to my doorstep. To be truthful, I am a bit nervous when I am opening the package as I scare it is not what I want.

Close-up : Packet of finishing washers
Well, the plastic that holds the eyelets actually broken and some of the eyelets are falling into the envelope package. I quickly try the eyelet using a ball pen but it would not work as shown in the video! I did not believe and tried another eyelet just to make sure and the result is the same! I am really disappointing and it seem that my intuition before I start to purchase this eyelet from this seller is correct.

Close-up : Packet of mixed colors traditional eyetlets
I e-mail the seller immediately telling her what I have try and it is not working as what is described in the item title. I inquire if this is the traditional eyelet or quicklet. The seller replied me the next day and apologizing for the keyword confusion. She offers to refund me which I agreed to it as I explain to her that I do not have any eyelet setter or tool. I explains that I purposely buy this quicklet for conveniences. I also advise her to change her item title as soon as possible to avoid the same case happening.

The seller refund me after few hours but I am disappointing. What shall I do with this packet of traditional eyelets that contains approximately 250 pieces?

Later I found out that quicklet is actually invented by Eyelet Outlet and they are the only seller around. They might have some retailers but next time I want to purchase quicklet eyelets, I will definitely look at their store instead of other sellers.

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