Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Baby Embellishments!

As mention in my last post, I would like to make some baby announcement cards as well as some baby congratulating cards. I also would like to replenish some of my embellishments that are going to finish soon.

Top : 50 pieces of fabric baby embellishments
Bottom : 200 pieces of solid pearl hearts  
Thus, I been searching on eBay for these embellishments. Since I been searching and bookmarking some of the sellers before, it is easier this time that I know where to look. I end up buying at, a sister company to Please Come In at eBay. As offer free shipping, I e-mailed them to ask if Malaysia is included as well and confirm on the shipping method before placing the order to see if the price is worth that as well as the safety of delivering the item. It was predicted that they will use registered post which is true when they replied on the next day.

Close-up : Five (5) different designs of fabric baby embellishment
I realized that some of the items are not sold in both store. Thus, I reply if I can combine my item bought at Please Come In if I bought from They revert on the same day that they happy to do that by informing them after payment has been made.

Close-up : 12 different colors of solid pearl heart 
I browse through both and Please Come In stores. But in the end, I just made my purchases at as the baby embellishments sold in Please Come In are larger in quantities compare to Since I just need to make few samples, I decided to purchase small quantities. Furthermore, the first thing I want, the 5mm solid pearl hearts embellishment is only available at I placed my order and make my payment on 12 February 2012. On the next day, I received notification that my items has been shipped. The administrator of who answer my queries earlier is so good that he e-mailed me to ask if I bought anything from Please Come In. I replied that I did not find anything relevant in the moment at Please Come In and inform to ship the items as per scheduled.

Well, after three (3) days, my items finally arrived to my doorstep. I hope I can begin to make baby announcement cards as well as some baby congratulating cards soon using these embellishments!

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