Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Nesting Lace Ovals Dies

Lifestyle Crafts Nesting Lace Ovals Dies - Front Packaging
Finally, my Lifestyle Crafts nesting lace ovals dies has arrived! I purchase this Lifestyle Crafts nesting lace ovals from Oh My Crafts! when they are having 33% off on order USD$33 or less in early September 2012! This is a great offer and I cannot miss not to grab a thing with this promotion! I end up saving of USD$5.57 equals to RM17.82 with exchange rate RM3.20.

As my budget is limited, I can only to get one or two items. Thus, I search for the things that I want but most of them are out of stock. Thus, I keep on evaluating my purchase list. The great thing about this time promotion is that I get to buy something low value but also gets the 33% discount. Usually Oh My Crafts! set a value of USD$25 and above for the discount to take place but this time, it set the price USD$33 and below and no minimum! In the end, I only managed to get this Lifestyle Crafts nesting lace ovals. Although I prefer Spellbinders, to my disappointing, most of all of them are out of stocks. This 'out-of-stock' issue is very common in Oh My Crafts! which makes me re-considering to purchase from them in the future. 

Another issue is the way they process the orders. I am not sure if because of the daily promotion and discount that caused the issue which makes the orders volume high. I usually get 'processing' status after my order confirmation like few days afterwards. This time around, I get my 'processing' status after five (5) days I placed and made my payment! That is only processing stage which I think they verify the order and my payment and perhaps other things they have in procedure.

Lifestyle Crafts Nesting Lace Ovals Dies - Actual dies
Well, it is extremely long and takes me a lot of patience to receive their shipping notification. After eleven (11) days from the 'processing' e-mail notification, I finally received the shipping notification! It takes Oh My Crafts! almost two (2) weeks to ship my one (1) particular item! I guess when you get cheaper stuffs, you get to pay your price as well which in my case, patient and waiting!

Anyhow, my Lifestyle Crafts nesting lace ovals dies is here now after almost one (1) month purchasing it. I hope I can make use of it soon as I sometimes become bore with square, rectangular, circle and scallop circles. Hopefully with this Lifestyle Crafts nesting lace ovals dies, it gives me some inspiration and more creative in my card making.

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