Monday, October 29, 2012

Goodies From Office Pen N Paper!

I got a hamper worth RM70++ from Office Pen N Paper who is the PLUS products distributor in Malaysia. I won the hamper by entering into their Packaging Collection Great Challenge! recently which ends on 30 September 2012. 

Top - left to right :
PLUS Paper Clinch
PLUS Whiper Mini Roller (Whiper MR) Correction Tape
PLUS Whiper Rush Correction Tape

Bottom - PLUS Decoration Tape Deco Rush refill 
From left to right :
PLUS Decoration Tape Deco Rush refill - Polka Dots Blue
PLUS Decoration Tape Deco Rush refill - Flowers
PLUS Decoration Tape Deco Rush refill - Flower Field 
Office Pen N Paper offers 50 prizes and the top collectors win. I did not expect to win as my packaging collection is merely 10+ whereas the first place winner have about 90 packaging. They announce the top 5 winners first through their Facebook page. After seeing the number of the top 5 winners collection, I lost hope. Somehow, when they announce the next 45 winners, I am glad that I won (my name is spelled a bit wrong) but once I verify with them, it is indeed that I won! My packaging collection is merely on PLUS Norino 6mm Glue Roller refill as I use this product on my card making. 

I always wanted to try the PLUS Decoration Tape Deco Rush. Guess that my wishlist fulfilled as Office Pen N Paper included six (6) different design of Deco Rush inside the prize!

Thanks again to Office Pen N Paper for the generosity!

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