Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Biggest Parcel Ever Received!

Top view of the 'stove-sized' box of parcel
My husband called me when he goes to pick up our daughter from kindergarten. I am surprised as usually he would not call me during that time. He informs that he received the parcel notification that I have a parcel that needs to be pick up from post office. He adds that the postman said that he unable to deliver it to our house as the parcel is too big like a size of a stove!

Side view of the 'stove-sized' box of parcel
Well, I am and did expecting a parcel from Oh My Crafts! which has been pending for a while. Just two (2) days ago, I written to them that I have not received my parcel. I been worrying that the parcel is lost but then, today, I am relieved after I receive the news from my husband. I am purchasing Martha Stewart Scoring Board which I know is big (12"x12") and three (3) Tim Holtz distress ink pads. I never expect that the parcel is so big like a size of a stove!

Martha Stewart Scoring Board
I ask my husband if he could go to the post office to pick up the parcel after he picks up our daughter from kindergarten. He says he will. Somehow, few minutes after that, the sky turned his emotion suddenly and heavy rain began to pour down. I quickly call my husband to cancel picking up the parcel but he did not answer and I predicted he is on his way to post office. I am so worry about him and our daughter on weather like this. Once they got back, my husband is all wet and my daughter is wearing raincoat (they are riding motorcycle). I apologize to them for the trouble and luckily my kind heart husband did not angry at me. ~phew~

Not my actual parcel but this is how it looks like when I open up my parcel.
The AIRplus® on top of the Martha Stewart Scoring Board and the remaining 40% of the empty spaces in the box
Photo credit
Well, guess what! It is indeed a big parcel like a size of a stove and the biggest parcel I ever received! I did not believe it as the Martha Stewart Scoring Board is square sized but the parcel comes in rectangular size. It makes me wonder. When I open up the parcel, the scoring board only took about 60% of the parcel box. Oh My Crafts! protect it by putting some what is known as air cushions or air pillow, AIRplus® from Storopack on top of the Martha Stewart Scoring Board and the remaining 40% of the empty spaces in the box. The three (3) Tim Holtz distress ink pads are squeezed in between the AIRplus®.

Tim Holtz distress ink pads
From top left :
Spiced Marmalade, Barn Door and Mustard Seed
Also known as 'High Noon' pack which exclusively available at 
Oh My Crafts! 
Well, although the parcel arrived a bit late which worries me a lot earlier, I am relief that it arrived with everything intact and in good condition. It was late as the custom cleared it on 08 September 2012 which is on Saturday. Hopefully I am going to use them soon for my next project.

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