Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Was Picked by Loves Rubberstamps Design Team

Like usual, I was hopping challenge blogs to check out what is the new theme they had for the week. In the same time, I am also checking if I am lucky enough to be selected as winner since I did not check few weeks back and not to mention the different time the challenges ended. :P I try to use the search function in Chrome (by pressing Ctrl and 'F' together to bring up the function) as some of the blogs are quite crowded with submission.

The card that get picked by Loves Rubberstamps Design Team, Flower Thanks So Much!

When I reach Loves Rubberstamps Challenge blog, I use the same method but I did not put up high hopes. I was surprised that the results came up with two (2) results (by default, the result is always one result if there is no same word from the page).

I quickly click on the arrow in the search field so that it brings me to the location the result. I am so stunned that I saw my card! Anxiously, I start to read the posting details. It is a "Design Team Favorite Picks" whereby the Loves Rubberstamps Design Team picks their favorite cards from the submission! It is a bonus chances apart from the normal winning voucher as Loves Rubberstamps is offering free shipping coupon on any size order from the Loves Rubberstamps store.

After making sure that I really eligible for the prize, I quickly e-mail to Loves Rubberstamps to claim my free shipping coupon if it is still valid as I been late to getting know that I get picked. The announcement was made on 20 August 2012 but I only get to know now like three (3) weeks behind. 

Right after that as well, I emailed Loves Rubberstamps Design Team who picks me, Holly Flores. I thanks her for her pick and I told her that I never expected that I get picked! I also shares that I never realized that there are bonus chances of winning something by getting picked by Design Team members! Holly revert few days afterwards that she really likes my card and she hopes to see more of my fabulous creations in Loves Rubberstamps challenge. She even suggested me to go for a guest design team spot which last for a month! I thanks her for the compliment but declined the designer spot invitation due to my work commitment. I also shares that usually I made cards, it is for someone or occasions. I thanks her again for the recommendation. Again, I really cannot believe that I am good to be in a designer team.

Thanks to Loves Rubberstamps for the prize and Holly for the pick!

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