Friday, June 27, 2014

My New Toy - Sewing Machine!

Juki HZL-12Z
I have a new toy for my card making and also home use! It is a sewing machine! Yay!

I do not know what 'activated' my action last week that I just go to and type 'sewing machines'. Then, from the search results, I survey one by one. 

Finally, I arrived at LSN Sewing Machines. They are various brands distributor and dealer. So I check out the sewing machines they offer one by one. There are few type of sewing machines - home use, industrial, with feet operation and etc. Since I am new on sewing, I am looking for entry type or most economical machines. I was looking at Brothers JS1410 and Juki HZL-12Z. Both of them have almost the same functions and patterns but Brothers JS1410's price is too expensive even after discount.

Brothers JS1410
It must be my lucky day as LSN Sewing Machines are having second annual sale from 27 June 2014 till 29 June 2014! Guess what?! Juki HZL-12Z is at RM399 on these day but limited to five (5) walk-in customers! The original price was RM490. I can save RM91, man! I called to confirm if any chance, I can get the Juki HZL-12Z at RM399 before the three (3) days as they are having sale last week as well. The answer is no as I expected. However, the staff suggests me to come to their shop and take a look or for demonstration. I did and I still prefer the Juki HZL-12Z. Apart from its promotional price, some of the functions are not available in Brothers JS1410.

Today, early in the morning, my beloved husband ride to the shop and kind of almost need to 'snatch' that limited five (5) units of Juki HZL-12Z. Luckily, most of the other customers are not looking for this Juki HZL-12Z and he able to bring one home!

I hope to incorporate some real stitching soon in my card making! Just cannot want to use the new 'toy'!

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