Saturday, June 07, 2014

Custom Crops is Closing Down! :(

Yesterday, I saw message on Custom Crops Facebook page that it has a big, big sale soon! I am excited as it means for great bargain and saving! However, when I received Custom Crops shocking newsletter today, I am sad and wish that this is not the final sale I will be getting from Custom CropsCustom Crops is closing down!!!

The sale is known as "Going Out of Business Sale". Then, it mention that Custom Crops is closing and all items on sale from 25% discount to 75% discount. The newsletter further explains that due to the economy, Custom Crops decided to close their shop and advises us to shop now until 18 June 2014 for amazing deals on of our favorite items. The last day to place an order is 18 June 2014 and supplies are limited (means once sold out, no replenishment). Custom Crops strongly advise us to order early for the best selection. It also mentioned that no further price reductions will be taken and all sales are final; no returns, refunds or exchanges. Custom Crops also disclaimer that all products are sold "as is" and they reserve the right to limit quantities.

It is really sad that Custom Crops is closing as I been getting my stamp sets and supplies from them for over two (2) years now. Their price is really competitive even during non sale period. I guess that is one of the reasons why they are closing down - perhaps their profit is not enough to cover everything.

I anticipate this time will be my biggest spending I have with Custom Crops as I never get the competitive price they offer somewhere else. I told my husband this shocking news and he is understood my needs to get whatever I can get from this last sale from Custom Crops. Thanks, hubby and heading to Custom Crops for final order!

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