Saturday, April 12, 2014

Top Five at at Eclectic Ellapu for Wings Challenge

It was quite sometimes that I did not been selected as winner for my cards. Well, it is because this year, I am not very active in my hobby due to my day job workloads and attention to my kids. Although I always say that card making can release my stress, I just could not find the time for it.

My winning card, Fireflies Look on the Bright Side
Well, finally today, my Fireflies Look on the Bright Side card is selected as top five at Eclectic Ellapu for Wings Challenge. I made this card for a colleague who is leaving due to 'organization restructure'.

Even though I did not win any prize (only a "Top Five" badge), I am so glad that I was selected as one of the top five! This is because Eclectic Ellapu is not randomly selecting the runners up but is carefully evaluated by the design team! A big thanks for Eclectic Ellapu design team for picking me!

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