Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Christmas Owl Is Finally Arrived!

I had Lawn Fawn Winter Owl ordered from Custom Crops sometimes in November 2012 together with these stuffs. However, since the Lawn Fawn Winter Owl is out of stock, I had placed a separate order for it so that it would not affect the other things I been ordering.

Lawn Fawn Winter Owl
Lawn Fawn Winter Owl really a hit and hot item. It been out of stock almost for a month plus. Perhaps it is also due to holiday where Custom Crops closed for a week for Christmas. I only get the shipping notification in early January 2013 that my order has finally shipped.

After eleven (11) days, the parcel arrived and it surprised me. It surprised me because I received a big padded envelope instead of a small one. I expecting a small padded envelope because Lawn Fawn Winter Owl is a 3x4 set. Later, I remembered that Custom Crops used to have a quarter of 12x12 pattern paper as sample and that is why they used a big padded envelope.

Cosmo Cricket - Delovely: Delirious - Front
Custom Crops granted my previous wish! They sent me quarter part sample paper of Cosmo Cricket - Delovely: Delirious which is fabulous! Hopefully I get to use both of the stamp and the sample pattern paper soon!
Cosmo Cricket - Delovely: Delirious - Back

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