Monday, January 07, 2013

Finally.....My First Fresh Squeezed Stamps

As mentioned on my previous post, I made a number of purchases for stamps. Today, I finally received the first parcel and it is from Fresh Squeezed Stamps! The shipping notification was received on 27 December 2012 and about one and a half week later, it has arrived to my doorstep!

When I received the parcel, I am a bit surprised and confused as the deliver from name is 'Shannon Fralish', 'Paper Made Bakery'. As far as I know, I did not place any order from Paper Made Bakery. After a while, I start to suspect that both Fresh Squeezed Stamps and Paper Made Bakery may related since few of the past and current Paper Made Bakery kit features Fresh Squeezed Stamps.

Fresh Squeezed Stamps Christmas Treats
Without further suspicious, I open the parcel and my suspect is true as it is my Fresh Squeezed Stamps Christmas Treats. Both of them are related! But how do they related? Thus, I hop over to Paper Made Bakery and I found Fresh Squeezed Stamps badge on the right sidebar and Shannon Fralish is one of the Design Team. When I click on Shannon Fralish profile, it is written that she is the owner of Paper Made Bakery! The truth is reveal but I bet this is not a hot news as my antenna is always slow in receiving signal and news!

Anyhow, I am so happy that my first Fresh Squeezed Stamps is here! Once I see this Christmas Treats physically, I have more ideas on how to use those images other than the one I had earlier. Hopefully I able to materialize those ideas soon! Perhaps I will get hooked with Fresh Squeezed Stamps and wanting to buy more! Well, actually I do have few sets in wish lists since Fresh Squeezed Stamps just had some new release! :P

Betting my luck that the rest of the parcels will arrive safely within this week!

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