Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Alley Way Stamp (TAWS) Is Here!

The postman is hardworking as he delivers second time today! But my husband thinks otherwise as he says that it is still season of greetings as Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Left : The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) Tropic Topic
Right : 
Action Wobble™ Springs
Talking about Chinese New Year, this is the parcel I been expecting the most as it contains the stamp I wanted to make my Chinese New Year cards! It is the The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) Tropic Topic as mentioned in my previous post!

 The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) Tropic Topic
OhScrap! posts it on 27 December 2012 and it reached my doorstep about two (2) weeks. It costs about USD$3.23 to post The Alley Way Stamps (TAWS) and six (6) packs of Action Wobble™ Springs. OhScrap! charged me for USD$4 which I found reasonable.

Action Wobble™ Springs
My husband has reminded me that Chinese New Year is just around the corner for few times now. Guess I really need to get started on my Chinese New Year cards before it is too late! *sigh* Furthermore, with the stamp set on hand now, I do not think I have the excuses anymore. The Action Wobble™ Springs just have to wait for a while before I have any good ideas how to use or incorporate it in my projects. 

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