Monday, August 06, 2012

Some Divine Twine

I always adore twine and would like to use them on my cards. However, the price for these twine is so expensive that I just cannot laid my hands on even they are on sale. Perhaps it is because they are consumable supplies as in once I use them on the cards, that is. I mean I cannot re-use them again and again like other consumable supplies such as ink, glue, embossing powder and etc.

Divine Twine
From top to bottom :
Pink, lime, yellow, baby blue, grey and red
I came across a local crafter that sell these twine on their blog some times ago when I first started making cards but I could not remember who it is and unfortunately, I did not bookmark her blog as well. The other day when I e-mail Heaney, I asked her option on washi tapes as it is quite popular nowadays and twine as I really would like to try. I ask her where she got her twine as she always know where to look for sale stuffs.

Like myself,  Heaney also loves washi tapes a lot but finds it so expensive. However, she have not try them on their creation. She also shares a tip that resemble washi tapes which is using some leftover pattern papers and double sided tapes! What a clever idea! I must try that some times.

In her e-mail, she shares that she also eyeing on some baker's twine but let go as it is too expensive. The next thing she mention really interest me as she know that local crafter that sell those twine! She is Shirl which I knew as well and added her to my personal Facebook as friend! Like Chinese proverb saying, "So far yet so near!". 

Heaney mentions that she bought the twine sample pack from Shirl a year or two ago but hardly use them on card making except some tags or bookmarks due to its expensiveness. She rather save them to use for her baby's scrapbook layout or mini album. I revert her e-mail and share some washi tapes DIY tutorials and thanks her for the link to Shirl's sale of twine sample pack.

The twine that Shirl is selling is Divine brand. The price that Shirl charge is reasonable and I quickly send her an e-mail to order. Shirl is a bit busy with her triple baby boys as she only managed to revert my e-mail on the payment instruction two (2) days after I send her the e-mail. I made my payment on the same day and revert back to her. Shirl reverts the next day that the package has been delivered and given me the tracking number. 

As it is local delivery, the package makes it way to my post box today and what surprised me is that Shirl's mum's house is actually side-by-side areas! Guess the next time I want to purchase more twine from Shirl, I can actually save some postage fees! :P

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