Friday, April 06, 2012

Some of Lawn Fawn Stamp Wish Lists Accomplished!

When Lawn Fawn first introduce or launch their new Spring set of stamps, their You've Got Mail stamp really got my attention and is on my wish list. However, I did not bought this stamp set when their are available for sale on 02 March 2012.

From left to right
Lawn Fawn Smitty's ABCs
Lawn Fawn Making Frosty Friend
Lawn Fawn Gnome Sweet Gnome
Bottom : Lawn Fawn Bon Voyage
I must says that this time their stamps really so adorable that everyone want to own them. This is because when I finally to decide to purchase by mid of March 2012, You've Got Mail is out of stock and so do other sets as well. I wrote to Kelly Marie Alvarez, owner of Lawn Fawn asking when they will restock the stamps. Well, I am not that kind of person that will sit around and hoping the answer will come to me. I am that kind of person that will look for alternatives. Thus, I navigate to Lawn Fawn blog and click on "Retail Stores!" link to look for other Lawn Fawn online retailers.

Lawn Fawn Smitty's ABCs
I visit the online stores one by one as listed and survey the prices they offer. Some are higher a bit than the Lawn Fawn published price and some are the same. Most of them offer discount by 10% off the published price. In the same time, I also try to look for further discount coupons which usually the store will ask us to sign up for their newsletter which I did for some stores. 

Lawn Fawn Making Frosty Friend
My efforts pays off when I arrive at Custom Crops online store. Their prices really so competitive that it gives me a big surprise and smile on my face! Well, I quickly add this store link to my bookmark and start weighing which stamp sets I should purchase. In fact, if my budget allow, I like to take them all as the price is so competitive. Imagine that I can purchase additional a 3"x4" set with saving from purchasing three (3) 4"x6" sets. I add some my Lawn Fawn wish list stamps into the cart and check for the shipping fees which is reasonable - another big smile on my face. However, I did not purchase right away as the You've Got Mail stamp is not available and they predicted it to have back in stock by end of March 2012. Since I am not in the hurry, I decided to wait for another week plus to see if they restocked.

Lawn Fawn Gnome Sweet Gnome
Kelly replied the next day that they are hoping the restock will arrive by next week and advise me to sign up the restock availability notification. I reply Kelly that I found Custom Crops and how their pricing like. I also share with Kelly that I really like to purchase from Lawn Fawn directly but this time around, the stamp sets I want are not available and Custom Crops price are more competitive. I hint to Kelly if she can have discount some time in her store as I prefer to purchase from Lawn Fawn direct! Later, I signed up for the You've Got Mail restock availability notification since Custom Crops is having the same issue.

Lawn Fawn Bon Voyage
By the end of March 2012, I got a notification from Lawn Fawn that You've Got Mail stamp has been restock. However, there is no restock at Custom Crops yet and they predicted it to be available by early first week of April 2012. I decided not to wait for the restock and go ahead to purchase the stamps that I already have in the cart. I made my order and payment to Custom Crops on 30 March 2012. As their practice is to ship within one (1) business day, later on the same day, I received their shipping notification that my parcel has been shipped. When I received the notification, my first though is that, "That is fast!" which is a good news for me as I no need to wait so long for my parcel to arrive.

Teresa Collins Designs 12"x12" Spooktacular TC-2878 Spooky Words - Front 
About a week later, my parcel arrived at my doorstep and this is the fastest oversea parcel I ever received! Thanks Custom Crops for the fast service and delivery. What another great thing is that they also included a sample paper for me. It is Teresa Collins Designs 12"x12" Spooktacular TC-2878 Spooky Words. Well, of course they did not give me the whole 12"x12" paper. In fact, they divide the 12"x12" paper into four (4) quarters and I am lucky to get the right bottom quarter which have the barcode and product description. This is great as I do not really have any products related to Halloween as this event is not so popular in Malaysia. Guess I can put this quarter part paper into good use later.
Teresa Collins Designs 12"x12" Spooktacular TC-2878 Spooky Words - Back

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