Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Quicklet Eyelets!

Left : Pack of round quicklet eyelets
Right : pack of baby head brads
On the same day I purchase my Lawn Fawn wish lists stamps from Custom Crops, I also purchase some quicklets and brads from Eyelet Outlet. I do not trust other sellers in eBay.com anymore when I decided to purchase quicklets as I have bad experience as explained in my last post here.

Eight (8) colors of the round quicklet eyelets
I just need some quicklets for my baby theme projects. I purchase a pack of mixed colors of summer quicklet eyelets which contains seven (7) dozens of 1/8" round quicklet eyelets. Well, since the shipping fees are fixed no matter how many you purchase, I decided to get another item.

Cute baby head brads
Left : Boy baby head
Right : Girl baby head
I am lucky as there are sales and clearance items going on. I spotted some baby theme items and the one attractive to me is the baby head brads. The regular price is USD$2.99 for 12 baby head brads that is mix of pink girl and blue boy. But now it is on sale for USD$0.99 only, about 67% discount! I decided to take this as it is cute and size of 16mm is just great for my baby theme project.

I made my payment on 30 March 2012 and Eyelet Outlet confirms my order on the same day. The next day, I received their shipping notification that the parcel has been sent. However, there is no tracking number provided. The e-mail only state that my parcel has been posted to my confirmed delivery address using USPS International as well as items I purchase.

Finally, I received the parcel today, four (4) days later that the parcel from Custom Crops. It is a small parcel since I only purchase two (2) items. I quickly open the parcel and take out the items. The first thing I spot the quicklet eyelet package, I quickly open the package and take out one (1) eyelet. Then, I grab a piece of small cardstock and punch a hole. The next thing, I slit in the quicklet eyelet into the hole and turn the cardstock around. I grab a ball pen and start push down towards the back of the quicklet eyelet. Guess what? The quicklet eyelet really pivot into the cardstock! It is really a real quicklet eyelet!

Quicklet eyelet front package
Satisfying with the real quicklet eyelet, I start to examine the package of the quicklet eyelet. The right upper corner of the front package has the word "Quicklets". Then under the Eyelet Outlet name, there is this statement, "Because eyelets don't need a setter anymore". The middle of the front package has a 'No' sign symbol with the word 'setter' which rounded with this statement, "the eyelet you can set with a pen!". At the back of the package, it is the simple instruction how to apply the quicklet, "To apply - put pen tip on back of he quicklet, press down and pivot. Quiet, quick and simple".

Quicklet eyelets back package
However, I spotted at the left bottom corner that it has this statement, "Made in China"! When I saw this statement, I am a bit not happy. This is because it seems that I spend my money buying something that can be found within or near my region. Which means, I can maybe get it cheaper. After I calm down, I re-think back and found that there are no seller from China that sell such a thing! Then, I comfort myself that this maybe custom made only for Eyelet Outlet since they are the inventor of quicklet eyelet.

Brad back package
The brad's package is almost the same as the quicklet eyelet's package. Just that the 'No' sign symbol has been removed and the right upper corner of the front package has the word "Brads" instead of "Quicklets". The statement under the Eyelet Outlet name is "Because eyelets aren't just round anymore". At the back of the package, instead of simple instruction, there is another statement, "Easier than jumping rope and blowing bubbles!".

Overall, I am satisfy with the items I purchase. I will be purchasing from Eyelet Outlet again especially on quicklets if I find it useful in my projects.

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