Friday, March 09, 2012

New Corner Rounder

Like usual, after lunch, I walk around 1 Utama as I still have lunch break time. I go to Popular bookstore to see if they have new activity books or stationery.

I go to the stationery section and look around the papers first - nothing new. Then I go row by row of the stationery they have. When I come to this cutter row, something catch my eyes. I cannot believe my eyes! It is a corner cutter!

Warrior Mini Corner Cutter (L) in packaging
I take the pack and check for instructions. Well, it is indeed a corner cutter! I take out the cutter and try it just to make sure. It cut or corner really well. The blade is sharp. I just like it. It has two (2) sizes - small and large. But the small size is not available and just the large size is available. I put back the cutter I test just now and look for a new one with different color.

My new Warrior Mini Corner Cutter (L)
I decided to purchase it as it only cost me RM18.90, it is sharp and large in size (10mm radius)! The next best thing is that I have Popular card which entitle me a further 10% discount which equals to RM17 only! I dislike the one I am having now which is EK Success Small Rounder Corner. It does not round well whereby there is still uncut or not rounded area after I punch it. I always need to smooth the rounding areas with scissor. That is the reason why I seldom make rounded cards. This EK Success Small Rounder Corner is not cheap as well. If I remember correctly, it costs me about RM50+!

My current EK Success Small Rounder Corner
Popular bookstore is becoming involve in crafting products these few years through their in-house brand known as Pop Artz. Well, it is a good news as I have another new place to look for craft supplies and cheaper in price as well!

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