Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farewell Card #1 (For Sale)

Farewell Card #1 - Front
This farewell card is themed color of pink. Thus most of the materials used are based on various hues and shades of  pink.

Farewell Card #1 in standing position - Front cover
Farewell Card #1 in standing position - Inside cover
This card is suitable for a group of people who wish to leave some messages for someone (especially girl) who is leaving. It is a two (2) layered card (as shown above) which give ample spaces for at least 15 to 20 people to write their short wishing message and signature.

Close-up : White card stamped with various wishing messages in pink
A white card is used to stamp various wishing message with pink ink as the background. It consists of various meaningful messages such as "Love Always", "Just For You", "So Happy For You", "Celebrate", "Thank You Very Much", "You Make Me Smile", "I Appreciate You", "Heartfelt Wishes" and etc repeatedly. 

Close-up : Precious Moments girl image and message with ribbon
A Precious Moments girl image is used and placed on top of a rounded corners peach card. The message "Ta Ta For Now" is stamped with black ink below the image. Then, two (2) small holes are punched in the upper and lower center of the image card. A pink ribbon is slide into the back of the image card to create a 'hanging' effect. The ribboned image card is then placed on top of the earlier white stamped card. The image card is secured with pop dots on the right bottom of the white stamped card.

The white stamped card and image card are then placed on top of a pink corrugated card. The whole piece is then placed on top of a mixture of light pink and white patterned card.

Close-up : Inside cover with message "We Will Miss You"
Farewell Card #1 - Inside cover
On the inside cover, individual letters of various designs, shapes and colours are used to make up the message "We Will Miss You". The letter "O" in "You" is using a red punched heart to represent so that the receiver feel some heart warming that people appreciate and loves her. The message is arranged on top of a rounded corners peach card. The peach card is then placed on the inside cover.

Theme : Pink and Precious Moments
Title : Ta Ta For Now
Card Code : FW#001
Size (Closed) : 13.95cm x 19.05cm or 5.5" x 7.5" 
Size (Opened) : 40.64cm x 19.05cm or 16" x 7.5"
Price : RM11.90 (excluded shipping fees)

Please e-mail to for order by quoting the card code above.

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