Monday, May 17, 2010

Just for You! (For Sale)

This card is suitable for loved one, family members or close friends to show them how special and unique they are in your heart.

Just For You Card - Front
This card is themed semi-color of purple and red. Thus most of the materials used are based on various hues and shades of purple and red.

Close-up : The real dried lavender inside the red frame
Red foam rectangular is trimmed and a dark yellow mesh is used to make the background. The whole thing would look like a frame. Then, a small stick of real dried lavender is attached in the frame with a white ribbon tied to the lavender stem.The red frame is then attached on upper centered white card. 

Close-up : The purple strip with flower button and 3D butterflies (left angle)
Close-up : The purple strip with flower button and 3D butterflies (right angle)
On the bottom of the white card, a medium purple strip with colonial trimmed edge both side is attached. At the center of the strip, a purple flower button is added layered with a purple ribbon. Two (2) punched purple butterflies are attached on the right and left of the strip in 3D so that there is some texture to the card.

Close-up : The right side dark purple strip with message "Just For You"
On the right side of the white card, a dark purple corrugated card is attached which has been trimmed rectangular. Three (3) medium red square papers are attached diagonally whereby each square contains "Just", "For" and "You" which make-up the message "Just For You".

Theme : Purple, Red and Flower
Title : Just For You
Card Code : LR#005
Size : 12.7cm x 19.05cm or 5" x 7.5" 
Price : RM8.90 (excluded shipping fees)

Please e-mail to for order by quoting the card code above.

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