Friday, April 30, 2010

One of a Kind #1 (For Sale)

One of a Kind card - Front
This card is suitable for loved one, family members or close friends to show them how special and unique they are in your heart.
Close-up : Pot of daisies with an outstanding sakura
Using a pink card as background, an aqua corrugated  trimmed pot look alike is placed at the bottom centered of the pink card. It is further decorated with a bow tied with a silver ribbon. Then, white punched daisies are placed randomly on the upper center of the pink card.  The stems of the daisies are drawn using brown marker to the pot. Then a punched dark orange sakura is placed in the center on top of the daisies. The sakura stem is made using a black paper and a punched green leave is attached to the stem. The sakura outstanding is further enhanced by placing some tiny silver heart-shaped shinnies on the center of the sakura.

Close-up : Message "One of a Kind"
The message "One of a Kind" is stamped on the centered bottom of the pot; at the centered bottom of the pink card.

Close-up : Colorful butterflies in 3D on the left
Close-up : Colorful butterflies in 3D on the right
Some punched colorful butterflies are placed in 3D surrounding the flowers on the left and right.

The decorated pink card is then placed on top of a blue card.

Theme : Flower
Title : One of a Kind
Card Code : LR#004
Size : 11.43cm x 15.24cm or 4.5" x 6"
Price : RM4.90 (excluded shipping fees)

Please e-mail to for order by quoting the card code above.

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