Friday, April 30, 2010

Show Your Love (For Sale)

Love Always card #3 - Front
This card is suitable for loved one, family members or close friends.

Close-up : The image of the left with message "Love"
Close-up : The image of the right with message "Love"
 A black background image with hearts and message "Love" is placed diagonally on the centered left side on top of a aqua card. Then, another image with an opened heart-shaped present box with a bear sitting inside and message "Love" is placed diagonally on the centered right side of the card.

Close-up : Pink heart with message "Love"
In between the images, a light pink punched heart-shape with message "Love" is placed centered in pop-up state.

Close-up : Border with message "Love Always"
At the bottom of the aqua card, a light pink border that trimmed with design 'volcano' on both side is placed. The border is further enhanced with a tiny punched holes in between the trimmed design. Then, message "Love Always" are stamped three (3) times onto the border.

Close-up : Black background heart with bubbles
At the left corner of the aqua card, a black background with bubbles patterned heart-shaped image is placed. The heart is placed out of the card purposely to give the card some uniqueness.

Theme : Heart and Bear
Title : Hugs & Kisses
Card Code : LR#003
Size : 11.43cm x 15.24cm or 4.5" x 6"
Price : RM3.90 (excluded shipping fees)

Please e-mail to for order by quoting the card code above.

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