Saturday, September 03, 2016

Gift from Dearest Husband, All the Way from Singapore - First Avery Elle Stamp!

Gift from dearest husband, all the way from Singapore
Upper row from left to right:

Avery Elle Hats Off stamp set
Lawn Fawn Santa's Belly Lawn Cuts
Lower row:

Apple Pie Memories Acrylic Stamping Blocks
My dearest husband was away to Singapore this weekend to visit his cousin while getting some of his motorcycle gears. Before he went away, he did asks me if I need to get anything from Singapore. Well, since he asked, I ask him to go to Maple Treehouse, one of the craft store in Singapore if he have extra time and gave him the store address. I ask him to get me some acrylic blocks as one of the current one I having have this 'frosty' surface and I cannot see my image clearly when stamping.

Apple Pie Memories Acrylic Stamping Blocks - in packaging
He did have some spare time and Maple Treehouse is actually very near to his cousin house. When he was in Maple Treehouse store, he snapped some photos and sent to me via social chat application. Unfortunately, there are some issues with both my house WiFi and mobile wireless data connection where some of the photos cannot be loaded. It took me a while before both my house WiFi and mobile wireless data connection are operating normally. Then, he video call with me showing all the available items in the store! I was surprised that the shop owner allow him to do that! Anyway, I got the Apple Pie Memories Acrylic Stamping Blocks that have four (4) sizes with great price point, Lawn Fawn Santa's Belly Lawn Cuts and Avery Elle Hats Off stamp set from all the other items he video call to me. I do not dwell more items to buy such as the Lawn Fawn Peek-a-Bat Lawn Cuts or Tim Holtz mini distress ink pads which also have a great price point as the currency exchange is an issue to consider even the shop is having a clearance sale.

I am so happy that I gotten some great bargain and also my very first Avery Elle stamp set! Actually, the Avery Elle Hats Off stamp set was released earlier this year and now I gotten a great price on it. It is just fabulous! My husband called afterward and informs that the shop is actually on moving out clearance sale and most of the items are only have a single quantity or limited quantities. Well, now, I just need to wait for my dearest husband to come back home to get my hands on these goodies!

Apple Pie Memories Acrylic Stamping Blocks - sizes of the acrylic blocks
Finally, I got my hands on these goodies as my dearest husband just came home! He reveals that it was the shop owner that suggested him to video call me to show me all the items in store once she gotten to know that he is from Kuala Lumpur. He says that shop owner told him that customers from Kuala Lumpur usually willing to spend money in her shop compare to other customers or even the locals. He also shares that the shop will be closing down next week and inform him to ask me to go online to purchase. He says that the shop owner is excited when she knows that he is shopping for me and announced it to her staffs! He felt a bit privileges and also weird as only he and his cousin the only male shoppers in the shop.

Lawn Fawn Santa's Belly Lawn Cuts
Anyhow, I am grateful my dearest husband is able to get some great bargain for me when he visiting Singapore this time! I cannot wait to use these goodies especially the Lawn Fawn Santa's Belly Lawn Cuts for some Christmas cards. I believe I can make use of this Lawn Fawn Santa's Belly Lawn Cuts without the Lawn Fawn Pillow Box Lawn Cuts. Well, if really cannot after I try, then I will consider buying Lawn Fawn Pillow Box Lawn Cuts.

Avery Elle Hats Off stamp set
As for Avery Elle Hats Off stamp set, I am thinking to make a congratulations card where the sentiment congratulations is in the center surrounded or framed by the hands that looks want to extend their hands to congratulate. It should be a fun card. I cannot wait to make it happens!

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