Monday, December 15, 2014

Stencil and Wink of Stella!!!

From top to bottom:
My Favorite Things (MFT) Petal Circles
Clear Glitter Wink of Stella Brush
Fiskars Triple Track Cutting Blades
As mentioned previously, I had a shopping spree during the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. The other two (2) parcels has arrived last week and finally today, the Simon Says Stamp parcel arrived!

I made the payment to Simon Says Stamp on 29 November 2014 (Malaysia local time), same as the other two (2) parcels. However, when I review the invoice three (3) days after the payment, I realized that I did not apply the discount code! Ouch! Although the saving is not much but being me, every cents count!

I quickly wrote an e-mail to Simon Says Stamp to inform that I forgotten to apply the discount code and ask if the discount code can be re-apply as my order date was on 28 November 2014. I also apologize on my careless and any inconveniences caused. Then, I cross my fingers hoping that Simon Says Stamp can do something about this order. Well, the same day revert e-mail from Tiffany says that she would get the refund made as soon as possible! That is a relief! Phew~

On 04 December 2014, I received shipping notification from Simon Says Stamp. However, I am yet to receive the refund and that worry me a little. I comfort myself that I will ask Simon Says Stamp again if the parcel has arrived but no refund made yet. Eventually, the refund was finally made on 11 December 2014, few days before the parcel arrive! Thanks Simon Says Stamp so much for their services.

My first stencil - My Favorite Things (MFT) Petal Circles
Back to the products I get from Simon Says Stamp. I always wanted to try stencil as stencil is very popular nowadays. I decided to take My Favorite Things (MFT) Petal Circles because of its price (after discount) and usability. This is my first stencil and I cannot wait to play with it using all those techniques that been introduced by Jennifer McGuire.

Clear Glitter Wink of Stella Brush
The second item that I been longing to have is the clear glitter Wink of Stella brush! It has been on my wish list ever since I heard of it but unable to purchase as the stores I previously frequent do not carry this product or the clear ink is always out of stock. With this clear glitter Wink of Stella brush on hand, I bet most of my projects will have that simmering look soon!

Fiskars Triple Track Cutting Blades
The third item is this Fiskars Triple Track cutting blades. The cutting blade that originally come with my Fiskars trimmer is not working perfectly anymore. Whenever I run the cutting blade through a paper, the paper would not be trimmed sharp and has these small frayed leftover on its side. I am not sure why this happens or it is time to replace my cutting blade. But I remember these things happen after I used it to trim other things (magnetic sheet, plastic and etc) other than paper. Perhaps that is the reason. However, the cutting blade is still able to trim. I think I better separate the cutting blades - new cutting blade for trimming paper only and the old cutting blade for trimming other things.

Hopefully I can play with the stencil soon!

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