Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Wooden Mini Pegs

Today, I got a surprise package! Why I say it is a surprise package? It is because I did not had any recent purchases online and secondly, I did not expect this package to arrive after so many months! This wooden mini pegs is now officially free! Here is how the story goes as to why I gotten this wooden mini pegs free.

Mini wooden pegs (free)
I bid and won some wooden mini pegs at eBay on 28 August 2013. Payment was made on the same day as well. Then, the next day, 29 August 2013, the seller updates that the item has been shipped using economy International shipping which takes minimum 15 days or maximum 30 days to arrive to its destination! Well, I cannot complaint much since I got the item at just USD$0.99 with free shipping.

However, after about a month waiting for its arrival, the item never did arrive! I already began to give up hope when the 15 days has passed but I still hope that the next 15 days the item will turn up. But it never did! *sob sob*

As I purchase the item through eBay using PayPal, I am eligible for 'Buyer Protection'. Thus, I open a case in Resolution Centre. The system automatically given me two (2) options after I selected some answers to the pre-questions. The options are either to re-send the item or have a full refund. I end up deciding to opt for full refund after a careful consideration on the options given. The reason I opt for full refund is that I will be moving soon. Secondly, I also afraid that the re-send item have the same issue or if the seller did re-send the item or not. Thus, I lower my risk to the minimum which is full refund. The next day, the seller refunded my item price in full and the case is closed.

Never crossed my mind that after 21 days receiving my full refund, the item arrived at my doorstep today! Well, the resolution case has been closed and I received my refund but also received my item now. What should I do? It crossed my mind if I should contact the seller and tell him/her that the item has arrived and pay him/her back the item price. But after a rational analysis and thinking, I decided to keep it quiet or as the way it is. First, the seller mention that the item will arrive after maximum of 30 days but I did not receive the item after 30 days of waiting. Secondly, what if the item never arrive and I never open a resolution case? Then, I shall be the one on the loss side. Thus, it is legal that I ask for refund as the estimated arrival time was not fulfilled in the first place. If the seller were to put a longer expected arrival time, he/she would not be on the loss side then. :P

Anyway, it is great that the item finally arrived even after pass due its expected arrival time as I can experience using it in my coming project.

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