Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My Ribbon Carousel Second Birthday Blog Hop Prize Finally Arrived!

My Creative Time WOW So Many Candles stamp set - front
A zipper lock plastic as packaging
A card board with all the stamp samples printed shown in 100% scale
Since I received the 'not at home' notification on my Custom Crops parcel few days ago, I began to worry if my Ribbon Carousel Second Birthday Blog Hop prize is missing. I been worrying because Ribbon Carousel/My Creative Time has reverted that the prize will be posted around 09 May 2013. However, until I receive the not at home' notification on my Custom Crops parcel few days ago, the prize from Ribbon Carousel/My Creative Time is yet to arrive as my Custom Crops parcel was delivered on 20 May 2013!

My Custom Crops parcel was delivered on 20 May 2013 and it has arrived after about 11 days. But the prize from Ribbon Carousel/My Creative Time was delivered well perhaps on the 10 or 11 May 2013 which is still earlier than my Custom Crops parcel but not yet arrived! This really makes me very worry.

My Creative Time WOW So Many Candles stamp set - back
The actual stamp in the packaging
Some write-up on the back of the card board
My worry has urged me to send an e-mail to Ribbon Carousel on 02 June 2013 to check when my prize was delivered. At least by knowing the delivery date, I am able to predict when the prize parcel will arrive. Ribbon Carousel reverted to me on 04 June 2013 morning that they will contact My Creative Time to check and revert once they have gotten any updates.

Well, when my husband comes back from tea time just now, he have my Ribbon Carousel Second Birthday Blog Hop prize parcel with him! It was a great relief to me as my prize finally arrived safely! Phew~

After a careful inspection, I found out why my Ribbon Carousel/My Creative Time prize parcel was late in arrival. The custom released my Ribbon Carousel/My Creative Time prize parcel on 31 May 2013 while my Custom Crops parcel was released on 28 May 2013!

Anyhow, my Ribbon Carousel/My Creative Time prize is finally here on my hand and hopefully I can make good use of it since I have few birthday events coming up! :P I like that this WOW So Many Candles stamp set is inclusive two (2) sentiments on belated birthday which sometimes useful and a music note that can be useful in some cards. I reverted an e-mail to Ribbon Carousel that my prize has arrived after that.

My Creative Time WOW So Many Candles stamp set
The actual stamp (without packaging)
The stamp cutting is either in rectangular or square shapes
Here is my review on My Creative Time stamp. It is not like other usual stamp brand either from its packaging, the stamp cutting or material. Its packaging is not a glue seal plastic but using a zipper lock plastic with center hole for hanging on the zipper lock header. All the stamp samples are printed on a card board in 100% scale which acted as the front of the packaging. At the back of the packaging, it is the stamp and there is some message of the card board on appreciate, instruction to use, warning, inspirational site and copyright. The stamp material is different as it is not clear in color but a bit of reddish. The stamp was trimmed in rectangular or square shape rather than the exact size of the stamp.

My Creative Time and Sweet Stamp Shop has similar packaging style except that My Creative Time is using zipper lock plastic while Sweet Stamp Shop is using glue seal plastic. Both of the stamps are mounted onto the acetate with no further sample guide on the acetate.

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