Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Three (3) Copic Ciao to My Collection

From top to bottom :
B00 Frost Blue
E50 Egg Shell
R22 Light Prawn
I am adding another three (3) Copic Ciao to my Copic markers collection. This time I decided to have B00 Frost Blue, E50 Egg Shell and R22 Light Prawn. 

I decided to have B00 Frost Blue because in some of the tutorial I watch, they added this light blue to bring up the image from a white card stock which sometimes I just needed.

While E50 Egg Shell, I decided to have this because the brown hues category I have now is not light enough to resemble human skin tone. Sometimes I feel like the skin tone I colored is too dark especially when I adding two color tones together. Hope this E50 Egg Shell will be suitable.

Well, my red hues collection is too little and adding R22 Light Prawn would be another selection of red hues to use.

Note :
Pre-order for Copic markers are now open. Please refer here on how to order! Thanks!

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