Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lawn Fawn Wish Lists Update

Ever since Lawn Fawn launch their Summer stamp sets on 30 May 2012, I have eyed few of the sets. Oh, my! I just fulfilled some of my Lawn Fawn wish lists, here and here and now I am adding another few lists! I guess my Lawn Fawn wish lists will never get shorter! 

Here is the my latest Lawn Fawn wish lists.

Compare to my previous Lawn Fawn wish lists, I have fulfilled :

And today, I am adding the below to the lists :

The lists did get shorter even I added more lists but it is because I am not adding the whole Summer sets. If I did adding the whole Summer sets to my Lawn Fawn wish lists, I guess the list will be longer. 

I hope I can fulfill my Lawn Fawn wish lists perhaps by this year? I certainly hopes so by looking for more great discounts, bargain, sales and clearance.

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