Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I am looking for small brads for my next project and again, eBay is my source. There are many sellers selling different kinds of brads, designs and sizes.

Finally, I managed to find one seller and store, sfcdirect that sell the size of the brad that I want. I am looking for 5mm in diameter brads which is perfect for my next project. Furthermore, this seller offers 200 pieces of mixed colors brads in a reasonable price, USD$3.99. The item is located in Hong Kong and when I check the shipping charges, Malaysia is not listed in the shipping and handling cost.

200 pieces of brads in various colors
As I need these brads badly, I decided to e-mail the seller to ask if he can ship to Malaysia by quoting me the shipping and handling cost to Malaysia. The seller replied on the same day that they are unable to comply to my request. It is a disappointing for me when I read the first line of the reply. But when I read on, I am happy as the seller have another store know as SuntekStore that sell the same thing. The best part is that it can be shipped to Malaysia with free of charge!

Close-up : Three (3) different colors of brads
When I click on the link the seller gave, it display the item I am looking for. Guess what! The price offered is at USD$2.59, USD$1.40 cheaper than the price the seller published in their eBay store. It is a saving for me as the price is lower and I no need to pay the shipping and handling cost!

I quickly placed the order straight away and made the payment for it. However, I did not get any update on the next Monday that they received my payment or shipped my item. Thus, I e-mailed the seller for status update. The seller replied the next day that my item was shipped on Monday itself.

About eight (8) days later, the item has arrived on my doorstep and I can begin my delayed project!

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paperpapier said...

thanks for sharing the info and wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas.
Heaney xx

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