Monday, November 21, 2011

Heart Pearl Buckles/Ribbon Sliders

In mid November 2011, suddenly I am interested in buying some buckles/ribbon sliders so that I can incorporate this embellishment into next my projects. Thus, I look around in eBay.

There are a lot of sellers in eBay that sell this buckle in different designs, quantities and prices. In the end, I settle for the one I want which is the heart pearl buckles. I choose heart design as I am about to make some wedding wishes cards. This seller, peikuan123 has a store in eBay known as Please Come In. She has this heart pearl buckles package which she bundled 100 pieces of the heart pearl buckles in mixed colors which is suitable for me as I am using various colors of buckles in my projects.

100 pieces of heart pearl buckles
She sells in Australian Dollar even she is located in Penang, Malaysia. For 100 pieces of heart pearl buckles, she selling at AU$6.99 which equals to about RM23.14 with free shipping. Since she offers free shipping, I decided to e-mail her to confirm on the shipping method before placing the order to see if the price is worth that as well as the safety of delivering the item. She replied on the next day that she will use registered post if I purchase this item from her.

Close-up : Various mixed colors of heart pearl buckles
I placed the order on the same day she replied and made the payment. The item was dispatched two (2) days after my payment using registered post. However, when it was delivered on 18 November 2011, I am not at home and was informed to collect from the nearby post office. Then, on Monday, 21 November 2011, the package is collected from the post office.

The total shipping cost of the package is estimated at about RM1.80 and she is using her own printed brown envelope whereby at the back of the envelope, there is a printed customs declaration, her store name, Please Come In and return address. I would say she is professional in selling these craft materials.

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