Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wish List Accomplished - Hero Arts CL145 Baby Girl

Finally my top wish list to have Hero Arts CL145 Baby Girl has accomplished!

For the past few days in end of September 2011, I been searching the whole eBay for this Hero Arts CL145 Baby Girl. Since it is a discontinued product, Hero Arts itself did not sell this stamp anymore. Thus, I have to look at other alternative which is eBay

After an intensive search in eBay, finally I found a really cheap price of the clear stamp at USD6.50 from this seller known as djlaw899! The usual price for this 4" x 6" size clear stamp is USD15 which means I saved about 56% and it really put a big smile on my face! The shipping fees is reasonable as well at USD2! The whole total cost me USD8.50 which I cannot get at anywhere else for the stamp that is on my top wish list! I made the payment on 26 September 2011 and the seller confirm the shipment on 28 September 2011.

However, after about three (3) weeks of patient waiting, the item has not arrive. I e-mailed the seller on 15 October 2011 since the estimated arrival date has been due on 14 October 2011. The seller replied the next day and informs that he will send another item on the following Monday, 17 October 2011 and estimated to arrive within seven (7) to ten (10) working days.

Hero Arts CL145 Baby Girl
Finally, the Hero Arts CL145 Baby Girl is on my hand today! I hope I can ink up this stamp set very soon as I have some projects idea on my mind even before I purchase this stamp set!

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