Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Hero Arts Stamps!

I dropped by at Simon Says Stamp! blog on 09 October 2011 and discovered a great news whereby they are having eBay clearance sale! According to the post, there are almost 1,000 active auctions starting under USD1 and most deals are over 90% off which are ending in the next day or two! 

I quickly navigate to Simon Says Stamp eBay store to check out the auctions. Guess what? Some of my wish lists are in auction starting from USD0.99! I am particularly looking at Hero Arts 2" x 3" sparkle clear stamps. I browse through the auctions and weighing which clear stamps I should bid. Furthermore, some of the items has been bidden by someone. Thus, I need to weight on the cost as well even it is starting USD0.99 as I plan to bid few items. More savings means I can bid more items and not forgetting the shipping costs as well.

Finally, I made up my mind on which items I want to bid and the maximum amount I can afford. However, I did not place the bid immediately as I like to bid in few last minutes to ensure I can win the items. Due to different time zone, the items will be ending at about 3+AM Malaysia time. Thus, I need to get up in the middle of the night to monitor and bid the items. It is the first time I done such a thing even some of my friends did the same regularly. 

From left to right
CL179 Party
CL187 Coffee
CL188 Tea
But the efforts are well paid off as I won three (3) of the bids for the items I want as per above! The best part is that the total amounts of the three (3) Hero Arts 2" x 3" sparkle clear stamps including shipping costs is about USD12 only! Usually, one (1) Hero Arts 2" x 3" sparkle clear stamp costs USD6 but now I get three (3) of the Hero Arts 2" x 3" sparkle clear stamps at USD12! It is indeed a great deal!

Finally, the items arrived to my doorstep today! I am so happy that I completed some of my wish lists with such a saving! I hope to get them ink up soon!

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