Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wedding Message/Scrapbook #1 (Sample)

This message/scrapbook is themed color of purple. Thus most of the materials used are based on various hues and shades of purple, pink and some silver.

The front and back covers are using 8.3"x6" cardboard. The background of the covers are themed with various shapes and sizes of hearts wrapper. The front cover is scrapped with a centered picture of a wedding couple surrounded by congratulating friends. On left and right top of the picture, it is decorated with message of "Congratulations" which printed on a light purple paper. On the left and right bottom of the picture, it is decorated with message of "From All of Us" which printed on the same light purple paper. The combination of the message means "Congratulations From All of Us". The picture of the wedding couple surrounded by congratulating friends is framed with medium purple paper and layered with a transparent sheet to give the picture in a photo frame look alike. In order to give the front cover some texture, the message of "Congratulations" on the left top and the message of "From All of Us" on the right bottom are pop-up.

Inside the front cover, printed in light purple card, it is printed with the message below. The right bottom of the paper is edged with an angel edge.

Today you are joined in marriage. Remember to always…..
1) Be understanding of your partner’s needs
2) Hold each other in the highest regard.
3) Have a sense of humor as you meet life’s challenges
4) Honor one another when you are together or apart
5) Respect each other’s differences
6) Enjoy the good times, and endure the storms
7) Make your dreams come true together
8) Most of all love one another passionately

There are nine pages in total for message writing. Each of the pages are trimmed with "cloud" lookalike edge except the left side whereby the binding is. Each of the pages have different dividers made from three (3) different ribbons of purple and white floral and silver ribbon with hearts finishing. These ribbons divided the pages into two (2) section vertically, rightly and lefty. Writer(s) can either write diagonally, vertically, upside down or etc depending on their own creativity and outstanding. The pages are enhanced with patterns and designs made of hearts and angels. Please refer to the photos for more detailed explanation.

While at the inside back cover, printed in light purple card, it is printed with the message below. The left and right top of the paper is edged with an angel edge.

Ingredients :
1/2 lb good looks
1 lb sweet temper
1 lb butter of youth
1 lb blindness of faults
1 lb of wit
1 lb good humor
2 lb of sweet argument
1 pint of rippling laughter
1 wine glass of common sense
a dash of modesty

Methods :
1) Put the love good looks and a sweet temper into a well furnished house
2) Beat the butter of youth into a cream and mix well together with the blindness of faults
3) Stir the wit and good humor into the sweet argument then add the rippling laughter and common sense
4) Work the whole thing together until everything is well mixed and bake gently forever

The back cover is another picture of a wedding couple in the car whereby it is framed in medium purple paper and transparent sheet to look like a photo frame as same of the picture in the front cover. At the bottom of the picture is the scrapper signature.

The message/scrapbook is protected by transparent sheet each one at the front and back cover. The covers and pages is secured using 3/8" Red Zutter Bind It All Owire Bindings at the middle of the message/scrapbook.

Theme/Category : Congratulations From All of Us
Size : 21.08cm x 15.24cm or 8.3" x6"

If you would like to have a similar design of this message/scrapbook, please e-mail us at for order. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the message/scrapbook (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and front page message.

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