Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Farewell Message/Scrapbook #3 (Sample)

Another farewell message/scrapbook made for some farewell messages writing.

The front and back covers are using 8.3"x6" cardboard. The background of the covers are themed with various colors strips wrapper. The front cover is scrapped with a centered picture of a swarm of bees. On top of the picture, it is decorated with message of "Farewell"  which printed on a white paper and teared then layered  on top  of dark purple corrugated cardboard. On the bottom of the picture, it is decorated with message of  "From All of Us" which made with individual lettering from different shapes, fronts and designs layered on top of the same dark purple corrugated cardboard. The combination of the message means "Farewell From All of Us". The picture of the swarm of bees is framed with red soft foam  to give some texture and  layered with a transparent sheet to give the picture in a photo frame look alike. It is then decorated with pink heart shape at the right upper and left lower corners as pop-up texture.

Inside the front cover, there is message of "We Will Miss You" layered on a medium purple paper. The dividers using gold cardboard added some texture to the message with a heart  decoration at the left bottom. 

There are nine pages in total for message writing. Each of the pages have different dividers made from turquoise and pink cardboard, purple and flower based gift wrapper and glittering strips used to made stars which have wordings like "Miss You", "Good Luck" and etc. Each page have different design of dividing which serve as the 'box' or space for individual message writing. Writer(s) can either write diagonally, vertically, upside down or etc depending on their own creativity and outstanding.

While at the inside back cover, it is centered using the medium purple paper  with gold cardboard divider as inside front cover so that there is standardization. It is then decorated with scattered messages of "Thank You" and "Thanks" cut from the wrapper.

The back cover is another picture of a swarm of bees whereby it is framed in red soft foam and transparent  sheet to look like a photo frame as same of the picture in the front cover. At the bottom of the picture is the scrapper signature. 

The message/scrapbook is protected by transparent sheet each one at the front and back cover. The covers and pages is secured using 1" Gold Zutter Bind It All Owire Bindings at the upper and lower portion of the message/scrapbook leaving a medium gap in between the middle portion of the message/scrapbook.

Theme/Category : Farewell From All of Us
Size : 21.08cm x 15.24cm or 8.3" x6"

If you would like to have a similar design of this message/scrapbook, please e-mail us at for order. Please do include the color or theme you prefer, purpose of the message/scrapbook (farewell, retirement, birthday and etc) and front page message.

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