Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Gifts from Myself (or Hubby) and Kimmy!

First row from left to right:
Fancy paper bag with closure
Gable box
Second row from left to right:

six (6) pieces pierced jar label stackable dies
Rectangle box
There is a seller/crafter by the name of Kimmy Yu who sells these unbranded and economic dies in Facebook Malaysia craft related groups. Sometimes she sells branded stamp sets as well. I noticed her posting for a while but never really take a closer look. In her post, she mentioned that the dies are brand new and with normal plastic packaging only and even warn buyers if they mind, please do not order. Then, one day in late November 2016, I decided to take a closer look at her posting and to my surprise, the dies she sells are really economical! Imagine that I can get four (4) sets of dies in about RM150! I told my hubby (my finance minister) about it and he give me permission to buy those dies I been dying for! Hooray!!!

Fancy paper bag with closure
I sent Kimmy the screenshots of dies I want but I forgot to include the written message as I was busy with something else after I sent the screenshots. After a while, she replied that all the dies I want are still available. Upon receiving her message, then only I realize that I forgotten to include the written message but yet she replied me. I proceed to ask about the total including postage fees and confirm on the postage method. She replied me on the total amount, confirmation on postage method as well as her account details. Since I had a planned vacation the following week, I told her to reserve the items for me and I will made the payment after I am back from my vacation. She noted.

Gable box which similar to Papertrey Ink (PTI) Gable Box Die in size and design
However, I forgotten about the deal as I am busy with works after came back from vacation. I only remember the deal in the week of Christmas and quickly message Kimmy to apologize and ask if the items are still available. She asked me to re-send the photos and included a link to her still available on sale items album. I re-sent the photos and she reverted the same total amount, her account details and a short instructions for after payment follow-up details. I re-confirm again on the postage method as I told her that I wish to receive the items by Friday if I made my payment that night. She informs that Kuala Lumpur areas will receive the items the next following day after she posted. I share with her my concern on the manpower limitation of courier company due to it is near to festive holiday season as well as year end which might delayed the delivery. Nevertheless, I inform that I will inform her once I made my payment and she noted.

Six (6) pieces pierced jar label stackable dies
Later that night, I made the payment and message her to acknowledge her on the payment. As I was typing my delivery address and details, she messaged to ask for the same. Once I sent the details over, she acknowledged and inform that she will let me know once she posted the items. I re-confirm with her again if the dies she is selling really unbranded and where they come from. She replied she is unsure as her supplier did not share with her these details.

Rectangle box which similar to Papertrey Ink Vintage Favor It Box Die in size and design
As for the dies, I chosen these:
1) Fancy paper bag with closure which I never see one before in all the crafting products companies I known or follow so far
2) Gable box which similar to Papertrey Ink (PTI) Gable Box Die in size and design but way economical, roughly 40% of Papertrey Ink (PTI) Gable Box Die price
3) Six (6) pieces pierced jar label stackable dies which I never see one before in all the crafting products companies I known or follow so far. Largest label size is 4.6" and with quarter inch decreament where the smallest label size is 1.6" 
4) Rectangle box which similar to Papertrey Ink Vintage Favor It Box Die in size and design but minus the zipper dies and more economical, roughly 45% of Papertrey Ink Vintage Favor It Box Die price

The next day, Kimmy sent me a photo of consignment slip which means that she already posted my items. I thank her. The following day, I received my parcel at about lunch time. After checking the items, I message Kimmy to inform her and thank her for the free gift. Yes, she included a free gift that worth RM15! I praise her kindness to include a free gift and wishes her Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Free gift from Kimmy, a leafy border
I am so happy that the items arrived before Christmas holiday as if there is any delay, it means that my parcel will have to overnight at the courier company warehouse for few days due to public holidays and at risk being lost in transition. As the items arrived before Christmas, these items are my early Christmas gifts from myself (or my beloved hubby since he gave me permission to spend) and Kimmy as well for the free gift she included. 

I hope I can play with these dies soon and test its quality. If the quality is good, then I might find myself an economic way to buy more dies! *big big grin* 

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