Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Texture Pastes and Free Birthday Present

Left: Simon Says Stamp Magical Birthday
Right: Ranger texture paste sample pack
On 08 April 2016, Simon Says Stamp send me an automated e-mail that contains a code of my free birthday gift if I purchase from Simon Says Stamp store which expires by end of April 2016. The free birthday gift is a Simon Says Stamp exclusive stamp Birthday Celebration as below.
During the same time, there is a 20% Ranger sale which valid until 10 April 2016. In view that I been wanting to get a jar of Ranger texture paste, I saw the opportunity to shoot two (2) birds with one stone! However, on 09 April 2016 when I tried to order and apply the birthday and the 20% Ranger sale code, only one coupon code is allowed! :( I e-mail Simon Says Stamp to ask if I can order two (2) separate orders using the birthday code and Ranger code coupons but shipping fees charged for one time only. However, to my disappointment, the answer is no. :(

Ranger texture paste sample pack
On 15 April 2016, Simon Says Stamp send me another automated e-mail to remind me on my birthday gift. Since the 20% Ranger sale has past, I tried to to compare the price point of the product versus the shipping fees from other online stores are offering. During the hopping, I discovered actually there is a three-in-one pack of Ranger texture paste which I believe it was released earlier this year. The three-in-one pack (or sample pack) come with texture paste in opaque matte, transparent matte and transparent gloss in 1 oz jar (the bigger jar is 3.9 oz). I find this sample pack is more suitable to me because:
  • it is in smaller jar which serve the purpose I may not use it as often
  • the price is cheaper
  • more variety of pastes

After much comparison, finally I find it is a wise choice that I go ahead to buy the Ranger texture paste sample pack from Simon Says Stamp. Although the product price and shipping fees are not as comparative to other online store, I get to have my free birthday gift - a plus point to remember.

Simon Says Stamp Magical Birthday
I ordered on 29 April 2016, a few days before the birthday code coupon expire but when I enter the birthday code coupon, the stamp applied to my cart is not Simon Says Stamp Birthday Celebration! It is Simon Says Stamp Magical Birthday (please refer photo above)! I am not sure why there is a change in the free birthday gift or perhaps Simon Says Stamp Birthday Celebration is out of stock. Actually, I really fond on Simon Says Stamp Birthday Celebration because of the elephant and balloon. Well, since it is a free birthday gift, I just take whatever it is as it is free after all. :P

Actual Simon Says Stamp Magical Birthday
On 03 May 2016, Simon Says Stamp e-mailed me to inform my order was shipped on 02 May 2016 and leave me with a tracking number. After a week plus, finally, the package arrived safely on my hands! I am anxious if the free birthday gift is actually Simon Says Stamp Birthday Celebration or Simon Says Stamp Magical Birthday. I know it is Simon Says Stamp Magical Birthday as it was what being carted into my cart and indeed it is.

The only additional tool I need to get now is the palette knife which I think I can use something similar to it as I am doubt if I am going to use the texture paste as often. I also need to re-visit Jennifer McGuire Ink blog on her techniques using texture paste so that I can apply some of the techniques! Yay!

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