Monday, April 13, 2015

Lawn Fawn Retired Stamp Set - Lunar Lights

Lawn Fawn Lunar Lights
On 23 March 2015, I received a shocking and surprised newsletter from Lawn Fawn saying that they will retire some of their older clear stamp sets to make room for their growing collection. It is sad to get these kind of information but unavoidable. There are total of seventeen (17) stamp sets that are going to be retired and Lawn Fawn is offering 25% discount on these stamp sets on their online shop.

Sample of retiring Lawn Fawn stamp sets
One of the retire stamp set, Lunar Lights has been on my wishlist for quite sometime now. However, whenever I has a chance to purchase some stamp sets or crafty stuffs, I make priority for the stamp sets or stuffs I want to use. Thus, the Lunar Lights stamp set get lesser priority. But not now after getting Lawn Fawn retire stamp sets newsletter.

Although Lawn Fawn is offering 25% discount on these stamp sets on their online shop, I still search around other online craft stores if there is any cheaper. If I order from Lawn Fawn online shop, I need to pay total of USD$24.75 (stamp set after discount at USD$11.25 plus shipping USD$13.50). However during these times, there are less promotion or sales around which makes it harder for me to get a good bargain price.

After few days of searching, finally my efforts paid off when I come across scrappincowgirl eBay shop. Although the stamp set price is at USD$12.50, the shipping is charged at USD$7.66 which makes the total of USD$20.16. This is the lowest price I come across. Without further ado, I ordered the item straight away and make the payment on the 31 March 2015.

And today, the item arrived as my birthday present! Yes, today is my birthday and this can be considered a self gift. :P I hope i can use the stamp set in making next year Lunar Chinese New Year cards. Crossing my fingers.

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