Friday, October 31, 2014

Dog and Owl Magnetic Bookmarks

Today my daughter's school is having Children Day celebration....yes, instead of Halloween celebration! Well, I do not expect much as first, these kids are in Primary One and Primary Two and second, Halloween is not a popular celebration in Malaysia.

Dog and Owl Magnetic Bookmarks
As it is almost end of the schooling year, I decided to make some bookmarks for my daughter's classmates. The bookmarks' theme will be on friendship as my daughter was a transferal to this school as Primary Two. Thus, she have to start a new friendships with these classmates during earlier of the year. And that 'Thank you for being my friend' sentiment is just nice for her case! ;)

Close-up: Scott dog bookmark
I started the bookmark making since earlier of the week. Apart from making a number of quantities needed, I do not have the extra time luxury. Thus, I making these bookmarks slowly. I started off by stamping the dog images onto white card stock and later colored them using Copic markers. Then, the dog images are die cut using the matching dies. These dog images will be used to decorate the front of the bookmarks.

For the bookmark itself, I decided to make a magnetic bookmark as these classmates are still young and tend to lose things often. Thus, a magnetic bookmark will keep it tidy and steady for them. Several blue card stocks are folded in half of the length of 3.5". Then, they are die cut using the bookmark dies.

Close-up: French Pitbull dog bookmark 
After several samples, I decided to use the speech bubbles with the sentiment instead stamping the sentiment directly onto the bookmark. Thus, two (2) different speech bubbles are stamped onto yellow card stock follow by the sentiment. In order to fit the sentiment to the speech bubbles, I cut the sentiment into two (2) parts! It is heartache to do so but to use the normal 'wipe-and-clean' method for repetitive stamping is not wise. Thus, I made the decision to cut the sentiment into two (2) parts! Well, it is actually do not affect the stamp at all when they are put back together again in one line. In fact, it is actually like there is no alteration been done to it! The process of trimming the speech bubbles has taken some times. It is a hint for me to buy the Lawn Fawn A Birdie Told Me Lawn Cuts.

Once everything has been trimmed, it is time put everything together. First, the dog is attached onto the half circle of the bookmark using pop dots. The corresponding speech bubble with sentiment is attached on to the bookmark, on top of the dog as if the dog it saying it. Then, the magnetic is attached to the inside of the bookmark where the dog is attached outside.

Close-up: Owl bookmark
Suddenly, I remember that there are some Malay students in my daughter class! As dog is forbidden by Islam and to respect their religious believe, I use owl to replace the dog for these Malay classmates.

I hope my daughter's classmates like these bookmarks!

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