Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Disappointment with My Favorite Things (MFT) Bookmark Duo Stamp

From left to right :
My Favorite Things (MFT) Bookmark Basic stamp
My Favorite Things (MFT) Bookmark Duo Die-namics
Tim Holtz distress ink mini kit #4
After about two (2) weeks of anxious waiting, the parcel from Simon Say Stamp finally arrived on 05 May 2014 and I am excited about it. However, when I open the parcel and pull out the contents, something is not right! The My Favorite Things (MFT) Bookmark Duo stamp set is not the one I wanted - no 'save' icon image!!! I did not panic and I persuade myself maybe Simon Say Stamp posted it wrongly for me.

The stamp set that I ordered - My Favorite Things (MFT) Original Bookmark Duo Die-namics and stamp set
Thus, I quickly wrote an e-mail to Simon Say Stamp and inform on the 'wrong' item delivered. Tiffany reverted to me two (2) days afterward and apologized. She asked me to send her photo of what I have received so that she can resolve it faster. Immediately, I replied with the photo of what I ordered and what I received.

The stamp set that I received - My Favorite Things (MFT) Bookmark Basic stamp
There been a silence of two (2) days before I decided to e-mail Tiffany to ask for updates. Tiffany reverted that she contacted the brand manager regarding this issue in which the brand manager contacted MFT to see if they have that set I want available. Tiffany also informs that MFT may have changed the sets on them. Tiffany promised to revert to me once she gotten any updates.

My Favorite Things (MFT) Bookmark Duo Die-namics
After a week, finally I got a revert from Tiffany. She informs that MFT do not have the old or original stamp set available. She said that they already updated the picture in the store listing to avoid further inconveniences. She apologize again and offer me a 50% refund for the set. I am really upset but I could not do anything about it since MFT does not have any stock for the original set. I reverted to Tiffany and voice out my upset and asked what I need to do if I opt for 50% refund. I also ask what other option do I have other than the 50% refund.

Tiffany reverted the next day that either I return the whole set (both stamp and dies) and get a full refund or I keep the set and they will refund me 50%. After much consideration, I decided to keep the set since I want this set in the first place - just that now it is a different version. Furthermore, if I return the set, I am the one going to bear the shipping charges! I better keep it and get my 50% refund. I reverted Tiffany my wish. Actually, I am hoping that Simon Say Stamp can offer me some of their in-house stamp sets or products as compensation but Tiffany did not. So, I just go along with what she suggested.

Tim Holtz distress ink mini kit #4
Four (4) days later, today, Tiffany reverted that she will perform the refund by today. Yes, refund gotten and I acknowledge her. Well, I will keep that refund for my next purchase then. But I am a bit disappointing as I thought I get my wish list covered but in the end, it is not. It is not entirely so bad after all as I really wanted that set in the beginning - just that I hoped a bit high that some vendors still have the original set.

Nevertheless, hopefully I be making some bookmarks soon as I have number of books waiting for me to read! :)

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